GIVEAWAY: 7 DotaPit League Season 2 tickets

Dota 2 Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

The DotaPit League starts on Tuesday, September 30th and in celebration of that, DotaPit has teamed up with GosuGamers to host a giveaway! We are giving away 7 DotaTV tickets that you can win by either commenting, following us on twitter or liking our post on Facebook!

We at GosuGamers have been spoling you lately with a few giveaways but quite frankly, we like it. In cooperation with DotaPit, we bring you yet another giveaway. The second season of the DotaPit League kicks-off on Tuesday, September 30th. With a prizepool of at least $70,000 and crowdfunding enabled, the tournament seems to be a promising one with many top tier teams such as Evil Geniuses, Alliance, Cloud 9, Team Secret and Team Tinker. 

Following the round-robin groupstage, a playoff bracket will ensue with multiple bo3s, so there will be lots of action with a total of 16 teams. Every ticket purchase increases the prizepool by $1.25, so the overall prizepool is totally up to you, the fans. To round things off, the ticket comes with a Lich bundle, which you can check out here.

We will give away 7 tickets without the Lich set, so just the DotaTV ticket. How do you get these? Well, we've made different experiences with different sorts of giveaways and we felt that an all around giveaway would be good. Three tickets will be given away to people that comment underneath this news where you write down your expectations of the tournament and list at least one of your favorites. Two more tickets will be given out to those who follow both GosuGamers as well as DotaPit on twitter. The last two tickets will be given out to people who like and share our Facebook post regarding this giveaway.

The winners of this giveaway will be announced on Monday evening. 


Summary of the rules

3 for News:

  • Post a comment underneath this news until Monday, September 29th, 15.00 CEST
  • The comment has to be about the tournament; describe your expectations and declare a favorite
  • Multiple comments will increase your chances as long as they stay relevant to the topic and discussion


2 for Twitter:


2 for Facebook

  • Like, share and comment on our Facebook post here !


Make sure you follow DotaPit on Twitter, Facebook and on Twitch to show your support. Also follow HighGroundTV, the official casters for this event. If you don't win a ticket, consider purchasing one, as it will increase the prize pool of the tournament and it includes a Lich set !