Valve to plan release of new heroes

Dota 2 Allen “snarkbearkai” Moseley

In a talk with Valve's Erik Johnson, IGN recently confirmed that Valve plans on supporting Dota 2 with new heroes after all the DotA Allstar heroes have been ported over. 

Although there are still a few heroes left in DotA Allstars, Dota 2 will eventually run out of portable heroes. What happens when that day comes? IGN recently had a chat with Valve's Erik Johnson who confirmed recent suspicions that more heroes will come out once the current DotA Allstars roster has been exhausted.

This move is not dissimilar to action that S2 Games, creators of Heroes of Newerth, had to take once Valve obtained the rights to create heroes for Dota 2. HoN, which initially had many heroes directly ported from DotA Allstars, created their own unique heroes following a copyright agreement. 

However, considering Valve is in no hurry to continally release heroes each patch, it may be some time before a unique non-ported hero arises. In the meantime, fans will be content in knowing that Pit Lord, Arc Warden, Winter Wyvern, and Oracle are still on the way once Techies has been released in the upcoming 6.82.

Source: IGN

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