Vici Gaming eliminates DK from The International 2014

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A convincing two wins for Vici confirm their spot in the final game before the Grand Final. After being knocked down to the Lower Bracket they have managed to beat Team DK in just two games to now take on EG for a chance to win $5m each.

Game One

Draft - Vici Gaming are at their strongest when they get Fy and Fenrir to team up properly with a roaming support duo. They put this into practice by choosing Leshrac and Shadow Demon, a deadly combo when executed properly. Sylar is given a farming Nature's Prophet, which he is more than comfortable split pushing on. DK go for quite a greedy line up, picking both Tinker and the rarely picked Anti-Mage. They will look to farm up the Anti-Mage and hopefully have Beastmaster, Undying and Shadow Shaman create space for Tinker to come online.

03.00: FIRST BLOOD! The deadly of VG's Leshrac and Disruptor secures the first blood on Burning's Antimage who doesn't get a chance to escape or save himself.

06.30: VG's early game push potential allows them to secure two kills near the tier one top tower. They also manage to take down that tower, however, a slight over extension from Fenrir's Leshrac costs him his life.

09.00: VG take down another tier one tower at the bottom lane, although, this time rOtk dies after being hit by a Beastmasters roar.

11.00: The first team fight ensues after LaNm is unexpectedly trapped in the rosh pit. Despite Iceiceice's cheeky Tombstone, DK is unable to turn the tides as VG's backup arrives in time and turns the fight to their favour. DK lose four heroes, whilst VG lose two.

17.00: DK's tier two mid tower takes a fall after Super gets a kill on MMY's Shadow Shaman who melts down due to Razor's Eye of the Storm.

20.00: Burning's Anti-Mage is picked off on the top lane. Iceiceice narrowly escapes a gank from Sylar, however, they lose a tier two tower at the bottom lane.

25.00: VG take down Roshan with the Aegis going to Super. They march to the high ground to take down barracks, but Super loses his Aegis and VG have no option but to back out.

30.00: DK get their first of the game. Unfortunately, they trade it off for the last tier two tower at the top lane which allows VG to start knocking on DK's high ground.

32.00: A team fight ensues, this time in DK's base. Tinker narrowly survives, whilst Anti-Mage dies with his key items being on the courier itself. VG take the first set of barracks and back out while DK is left clueless in what to do next.

39.00: GG! After a few more kill exchanges in VG's favour and one more set of barracks in their account, they turn to the last set of barracks. Super's Razor melts the remaining rax and also goes to beyond godlike spree. DK call out the GG and live to fight another day.

Game Two

Draft - After the loss in the first game, DK decide to pick up Razor, Ancient Apparition, Rubick, Faceless Void and Queen of Pain. VG respond with Shadow Shaman, Lich, Death Prophet, Morphling and Clockwerk.

03.00: FIRST BLOOD! A smoke from LaNm and MMY turns horribly wrong as LaNm gets caught out and the kill goes to Super.

05.00: Mushi dies at the middle lane from a smoked FY's Shadow Shaman. Unfortunately, a minute later Mushi dies once again this time to Morphling.

12.00: VG secure two tier one towers in quick succession which gives them an advantage with Sylar getting free farm on his Morphling.

14.00: rOtk hooks onto the entire of Team DK and dies quickly under Iceiceice's Chronosphere. However, Fenrir's Lich activates his Chain Frost that deals tons of damage to DK who end up losing Burning and Iceiceice. The last remaining tier one tower too falls few seconds later, and VG move into the rosh pit.

17.30: Roshan falls down literally uncontested. Aegis goes to Morphling and VG secure a kill on Faceless Void and Ancient Apparition; the latter of which gets hooked by rOtk.

19.00: DK find their way back into the game, as they strike down 4 of VG's heroes in the team fight. Rubick steals Exorcism and DK take down tier two tower.

23.00: Mushi gets caught out for the third time; this time around far away from his team's base. A quick reaction from VG's Shadow Shaman who traps Iceiceice into wards, forces DK to join the fight which ends up disastrous for them as they lose three for VG's one hero.

32.00: VG smoke underneath DK's ward. They use Burning as a bait, but he dies quickly, however, a timely chrono from Faceless Void ensures a triple kill for Iceiceice. Although, shortly after, he dies at the hands of Sylar followed by Burning, who dies after buying back. Team wipe for VG, and they head over to the rosh pit and secure an Aegis on Sylar.

39.00: DK smoke up as a team and go on a hunting expenditure, however, to their dismay they end up getting only a tier two tower. Meanwhile, VG get their hands on a third roshan and also have the power of cheese.

44.00 GG! The last team fight ensues as Mushi gets caught out yet again. 4 of DK die and buyback, however, Sylar is too strong for any of them and they end up losing all 5 again. VG rejoice as DK calls out 'GG' and thus go to the next round.

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