WPC-ACE Elimination Day 1: NewBee and iG progress to semi-finals

Dota 2 Mervyn “ISB” Tan

The first day of the single-elimination bracket has concluded, with NewBee and iG taking out DreamTime and Cloud9 respectively. NewBee and iG will meet in the first semi-final on Saturday, 31 May. 

In today's matches, NewBee continued exhibiting their hot form of late, easily taking the best-of-three series against DreamTime 2:0. DreamTime barely stood a chance as NewBee swept through them in the early game and then snowballing to victory. This was somewhat expected since NewBee came out 3-0 in the groupstage, dominating the upper bracket group, while DT were bottom placed in the lower bracket group. 

In the other quarter final, Invictus Gaming went up against Cloud9, the top team of the Western group stage. However, after performing poorly with seemingly experimental drafts in the seeding stage, Cloud9 ended up 0-3, bottom of the upper bracket group while iG came out on top of the lower bracket group. IG handily took the first game with a pushing lineup, and a stellar performance from Ferrari_430's Invoker, punishing the greedy Cloud9 picks. Cloud9 bounced back in the second game, with a solid SingSing Queen of Pain completely dominating from the laning stage, and punishing IG's lack of comfortability with Slark. 

The third match again featured IG running a heavy deathball lineup with Enigma and Tidehunter, taking fights every time their ultimates were up and eventually forcing the barracks after multiple teamfights going their way. As such, Cloud9 and DT have been eliminated from WPC-ACE, and will be going home without any prize money. 

The quarter finals continue tomorrow, with the first match starting at 0800 CEST. The first match will see DK going up against Malaysian giants Titan, while the second match will feature Vici Gaming going up against Alliance at 1145 CEST. The winners will face-off in the semi-finals,  which will also be held on Saturday, 31 May. 

Mervyn “ISB” Tan
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