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Arrow dominant in SEA qualifiers, gets TI4 slot

Arrow Gaming continues their dominant streak in the SEA qualifiers as they ended MVP.Phoenix's run with a 3-1 score in the finals. With this, Arrow Gaming will be getting a slot in The International 4 while MVP.Phoenix will be joining Team Liquid and two other teams in the wildcard tournament.

The final match of the SEA qualifiers is the grand finals between Arrow Gaming and MVP.Phoenix. The Malaysian team actually  reached this stage by beating this Korean team 2-0 just yesterday, while MVP advanced after an impressive 2-0 win against MiTH.Trust earlier this day.

Arrow looks like the well-rested team that they are in the first game, completely dominating the seemingly tired MVP.Phoenix. The Korean team found second win in the next match, however, as it was their turn to put on a stomp. The next two games went to the Malaysian team, however, showing good control of the match in both of those wins.

With the win in the SEA qualifiers, Arrow Gaming will be joining fellow-Malaysian team Titan in The International 4. MVP.Phoenix will be going to Seattle themselves, but they still have to best three other teams if they want to make it to the main event.

Game 1

 Arrow Gaming opt for a split push line-up by picking up Nature's Prophet and Ancient Apparition combined with the presence of Faceless Void, Witch Doctor and Dark Seer. Meanwhile, MVP opt for a single target lock down by picking up Templar Assassin, Wraith King and Slark alongside Jakiro and Treant Protector as supports.

1.30: FIRST BLOOD! MVP dive past the Radiant top tier 1 tower with a haste from Treant Protector combined with a stun from Wraith King and Icepath from Jakiro. First blood goes to Jakiro.

3.10: Treant tries to gank top again, but a quick rotation from Dark Seer and excellent body block with the help of treants by Nature's Prophet. Treant falls!

5.30: MVP gets counter initiated by Arrow on top lane. Jakiro dies at the hands of Witch Doctor.

7.10: MVP tries to take down top tier one tower. Even though the tower falls, a quick teleport from Faceless Void helps in securing Arrow their first successful team gank. Jakiro, Wraith King and Treant die.

8.20: A reckless dive by MVP at bot tier tower secure them 2 kills, although they end up losing 3 of their heroes in return. A gank gone wrong!

15.00: A clutch chrono, vacuum and wall from Arrow Gaming at tier 1 mid tower secure another team fight in their favour. Wraith King buybacks and dies again in process, thus, ending up giving 4 kills to Arrow.

17.50: Another amazing Aghanim's chrono, vacuum, wall and death ward combo from Arrow secures them yet another team fight. MVP lose 2 heroes in process.

20.00: TEAM WIPE!! MVP dig their own graves near Roshan as once again Arrow Gaming executes their combo perfectly. Stuck inside the combo, every hero on the side of MVP fall without doing any damage in return. A possible game securing gank for Arrow.

24.00: With farmed up tri-cores on Arrow (FV, Dark Seer and Furion), they take down mid tier 3 tower of MVP. Although, MVP slightly manage to save their raxes in the meantime after killing 3 heroes of Arrow, losing 3 of their own as well.

26.00: Trying to attempt taking down mid raxes, Arrow jump on MVP and take down their heroes one by one. GG is called. Arrow wins the first game in the bo5.

The first game in the SEA International Qualifiers Grand Finals started off well for both teams. MVP managed to get the first blood with Nature’s Prophet. However, Ancient Apparition and Witch Doctor were able to harass Slark on bottom lane which gave Void enough space to farm.

MVP went too aggressive in destroying towers and killing heroes that Arrow Gaming managed to respond and get equivalent kills or more in return. It gives Arrow Gaming the advantage especially with them going for a 3 core midas strat. Plus, they also have a far more solid team fight combo as compared to MVP.

Arrow were able to dominate in every team fight and were successful in shutting down MVP. Due to reckless diving and over aggression, MVP wasn’t able to retaliate and lost a game turning team fight at Roshan. Everything went downhill for MVP henceforth as Arrow directed themselves towards the mid raxes with an Aegis on Void.

One last jump by Void at mid raxes catches MVP in his Aghanim Sceptre chronosphere and end up killing MVP. GG is called at 26th minute mark and game one goes to Arrow Gaming.

Game 2

Draft: Both teams opt for a split push aka target lock down line up with Faceless Void and Anti-mage as carry on MVP and Arrow Gaming, respectively.

6.00: After a relatively slow start to the game, MVP manage to grab first blood on Wraith King who ends up dying to the Radiant followed by a kill on Dazzle by Rubick.

9.30: A miscalculated gank attempt from Queen of Pain on Viper ends up weary for Arrow Gaming as they lose QoP and Dazzle to Viper. A clutch Ravage steal from Rubick culminates this into a successful gank for MVP.

12.30: An even trade off for both teams at mid lane with the help of Ravage from both TideHunter and Rubick combined with a good epicenter from Sand King. Both sides lose 2 heroes and MVP leads with a kill score of 9-3.

17.00: Arrow kills Roshan whilst MVP is pushing out their tier one towers. Antimage holds the Aegis and Arrow go back to farming mode.

23.00: Arrow go in for a gank attempt on MVP but good over extension from Rubick gives enough time for back up to arrive and dies at the hands of QoP. Nonetheless, Arrow lose Antimage and Dazzle in return.

25.00: Miscalculation from MVP with a missed Chronosphere, unnecessary one man epicenter from Sand King and over aggression from March ends up as a costly team fight for MVP. They lose 4 heroes in process and Arrow Gaming win their first team fight losing none in return.

28.30: With Antimage farming up at a heavy pace, Arrow grabs another 2 kills on Viper and Sandking thereby closing the gap between kills.

30.00: A turn around from MVP secures them three kills with Antimage going down for a good 70 seconds without buyback. They kill Dazzle and Wraith King in process and take down the mid raxes by 31st minute.

33.00: MVP end up on taking a good team fight but over aggression at top tier 3 tower and buyback from TideHunter ends up costly for MVP as Tide's ravage hits 3 heroes. Arrow turn around the team fight and secure 4 kills with a double kill on Tide with Void being one of the victims.

39.10: MVP takes the third Roshan with Cheese and Aegis on their heroes. Arrow prematurely enter the rosh pit for a fight and end up losing Wraith King and Dazzle with others being forced to retreat.

41.00: MVP capitalize on their Aegis advantage and rush towards the top barracks. Void jumps with a chronosphere and with the vicious poison attack from Viper is too much for Arrow to handle. GG is called out and game two goes to MVP thus tying the score.

Game 3

Draft: MVP go for a tri-core strategy with Viper, Centaur and Luna being supported by Visage and Shadow Demon whilst Arrow opt for a split push line-up yet again with Nature's Prophet and Brewmaster combined with Naix as their core hard carry, supported by Sand King and Dazzle.

1.30: FIRST BLOOD! Centaur dies on the bottom lane as Dazzle gets the first blood with help from Sandking and Naix.

2.40: A very unexpected dive from Visage and Centaur past tier 2&3 tower to get a kill on Radiant's courier ends up horrible as both of them die, although, they do secure a the courier kill.

4.50: Furion goes down after a long and unsuccessful chase at mid lane to kill March where his Viper survives on a mere 2 hp. Visage gets the kill on Furion.

10.00: Both teams get fair exchange with a double kill on Brewmaster on top lane with a Naix-Furion infest combo. After a minute of searching Shadow Demon finally catches Brewmaster hidden inside the corner of a tree, and in turn the Brewmaster loses his life and his dominating streak.

13.40: Yet another fair exchange as both teams get 2 kills each. Centaur starts the fight with a blink on Dazzle and ends up killing him alongside Furion.

16.45: Whilst Arrow takes down top tier 1 tower, MVP secure a uncontested Roshan kill with Aegis going to Luna.

18.00: A pretty un-coordinated clash from both sides with Sandking missing out on his epicenter and Luna using Eclipse with creeps around, sees Arrow Gaming get a slight advantage as they successfully kite Luna and kill out 4 heroes in process, but also lose 2 of their own.

21.00: Another bizzarre team fight on bottom tier one tower, sees a exchange of 4:3 in MVP's favour. MVP lose their tri-core with an Aegis on Luna whilst Arrow loses Naix and Furion alongwith their supports.

23.30: TEAM WIPE!! Yet another team fight ensues, but with a co-ordinated play from Arrow, they manage to wipe out the entire team of MVP and take down tier 2 towers on mid and bottom. Arrow takes lead in terms of kills and gold.

26.00: With the lead gained from previous team fight, Arrow marches towards the bottom rax and end up kill three heroes on MVP besides taking the rax and retreat back safely.

29.30: Arrow take an uncontested Roshan with the Aegis going to Brewmaster with a Refresher Orb.

30.00: Arrow initiate at mid lane tier 3 tower where Naix gets blown up prematurely. Brewmaster loses his Aegis but manages to pop his ultimate twice in that entire duration due to Refresher Orb. A good trade for Arrow as they take down 3 heroes with a buyback from Visage, only losing Naix in return.

33.30: Arrow claims top barracks of MVP and both sides end up losing 3 heroes. A good trade for Arrow Gaming which might possibly secure the second game for them.

36.00: TEAM WIPE!! A team wipe for Arrow Gaming as they demolish MVP near their base towers. With every hero dead, and hopes lost, MVP calls out GG. Arrow is leading the series with a 2:1 score.

Game 4

Draft: Arrow Gaming went with a strong offensive trilane, the cheeky combination of Dark Seer, Dazzle and Shadow Demon. It will be up against a cheesy Silencer carry, with a Rubick and Jakiro as the supports. The middle lane should favor MVP's Storm as he goes against Tiny, but Arrow should win the solo top lane with their Dark Seer against a Nature's Prophet.

03.00: It was a toss up in the bottom lane, but Arrow wanted to put their aggressive trilane to use. They were able to get the first blood and another kill, but they also gave up two heroes. The plus side for them is that they forced Nature's Prophet to teloport in, giving an opening for Dark Seer.

04.00: Nature's Prophet gets the kill on Dark Seer, assisted by the Storm Spirit with a haste rune

06.58: Arrow reclaims the kill score with two kills in the bottom lane, the last of which is a Toss - Rip Tide combo

11.00: The Malaysian team groups at the bottom and bursted down Rubick. Along with the one-kill lead is a 500 gold and 1,000 experience advantage.

13.27: MVP was teamwiped under their bottom tier-one, and getting only Shadow Demon in return.

14.40: Arrow took the first tower of the game, the top tier-one. They then teleported in the middle lane and defended with a Song of the Siren before killing three enemy heroes. MVP killed Naga in the next minute. 16 minutes in, Arrow is ahead 13-6 in kills and more than 5,000 in both gold and experience.

20.40: MVP was jumped on by Arrow as they were trying to take Rosh. Silencer was a second too late with the Global Silence, and they lost three heroes because of it. Arrow Gaming was also able to claim Roshan

22.42: A small win by Korean in a long engagement in the top lane. Arrow was very greedy and decided to engage when they could have retreated. and they paid by several deaths including two from Tiny (Aegis)

25.00: Naga Siren gets her Radiance. She is around 6,000 gold in net worth and three levels ahead of opponent carry in Silencer

30.00: Nature's Prophet curiously went with an Mjolnir. They lost a 4-1 trade a few seconds after. Arrow is ahead 24-11 in kills, 5-1 in tower, and 20,000 in both gold and experience

32.28: Arrow claimed Roshan uncontested. Arrow too middle tier-2 while MVP went top tier-1

34.40: Arrow Gaming dived into the high ground, ending their domination with a Rampage from Tiny to seal the team's qualification to The International 4.

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