SCNTV interview with LGD.Lin

Posted by Karan "Mantis-" Jain at 05 May 2014 08:15

AllBeautyMustDie aka Lin with RattleSnake at WPC

SCNTV recently had a conversation with LGD's new recruit, Ziyang 'Lin' Xu, who replaced Wang 'Icy' Peng as the new solo mid for the Chinese powerhouse. Formerly of RattleSnake fame, Lin talks about how fortunate he is to represent LGD and how he is coping with the immense pressure piling up on him before the Chinese qualifiers for The International 2014 begin.

SCNTV: Please introduce yourself; the community might not be too familiar with you.

Lin: Hello everyone. I am LGD’s Lin; formerly on Rsnake, but I retired after a while due to personal reasons. Now I’ve returned to the DOTA scene joining LGD, wishing to acquire great achievements and not disappoint everyone’s hope in me.

SCNTV: Returning to the pro-scene after completing school, and joining powerhouse LGD, what are you feelings?

Lin: Quite surprised. I was on a support role before, now that I can become LGD’s mid, such an important position, I am very thankful that my teammates have faith in me.

SCNTV: Transitioning from a support to mid role, how do you feel it’s helped your personal skills?

Lin: My laning skills are better. Before I’ve played the support role, even if I play mid it’s in pubs. Now that playing the mid role in pro games, I wasn’t quite adjusted. I am slowly practicing; laning in pubs is no pressure at all.

SCNTV: Is this your first time participating in a solo contest? Have you followed other solo contests before?

Lin: Yes, my first time participating in a solo contest. Previous solo contest, I remember TI3’s the most, and watched all the games! I didn’t follow other solo contests.

SCNTV: About being a part of the solo contest, are you nervous or with fearless enthusiasm?

Lin: With a learning attitude. Many participants are famous pros; it would be awesome if I could learn something from them.

SCNTV: This season of Sina Supernova Solo Contest’s rule is that both would use the same hero. What is your favorite hero to use? How about least favorite?

Lin: Favorite is Shadow Shaman. Least favorite is Shadow Fiend’s solo, it is super boring!

SCNTV: It’s unfortunate to tell you that this solo contest is still mainly with Shadow Fiend.

Lin: (- -) Then I will have to practice hard.

Credits to GosuGamers' external correspondent Helen 'XiiTuzi' Xu for translating the article.