Zephyr wins Korea Dota 2 League S1

Posted by Karan "Mantis-" Jain at 12 April 2014 13:00

The North American stars in Korea, Team Zephyr have emerged victorious against MVP.Phoenix in the first season of Korea Dota 2 League. They walk away $10,000 richer whilst MVP.Phoenix walks away empty handed.

William 'BlitZ' Lee and company have managed to add yet another title under their belt by winning the first season of Korea Dota 2 League against MVP.Phoenix. Accompanying Zephyr with this victory is the $10,000 cash prize reward and the bragging rights to call themselves the best Dota 2 team in Korea.

Zephyr clinched victory against MVP.Phoenix in three straight games in a best-of-five series. This is the third consecutive defeat handed to MVP.Phoenix by Zephyr in the same season. Meanwhile, this is the second title Zephyr has won ever since relocating to Korea a few months back; the first one being Nexon Sponsorship League Season 3 where they won ~$56,500.

Round 1


With the qualifiers for The International 2014 Dota 2 Championship looming around the corner, this victory might just serve as a morale booster for the team and may contribute to their success, provided they are invited to the qualifiers.