For.Love drops its Dota 2 division

Dota 2 Karan “Mantis-” Jain

Chinese esports organization, For.Love, have officially shut down their Dota 2 division, citing possible sponsorship issues.

In a weibo tweet earlier today, Hanci 'Hanci' Huan, the captain of For.Love Dota 2 team announced his team's departure from the organization. The exact nature of For.Love shutting down it's Dota 2 division is unknown although some cite possible sponsorship issues as the reason behind it.

The translated tweet stated the following:

Since October until now, we experienced 3 months of "practice", group has good atmosphere even though they werent toghther for long time but we are continuing to improve. in practice they are pretty good agaisnt the top, today forlove disbands their dota division but we are continuing to get support.

According to the tweet above, Hanci mentions that despite three months of staying together, the team environment has been good and they are gradually improving by scrimming against the top Chinese teams. However, the team will continue to stay together and will be actively searching for a new sponsor.

Soure: Sgamer