Ysaera joins Orange Esports

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 Few days ago, Wei Poong 'YamateH' Ng parted ways with Orange Esports to join Titan and reunite with XtinCt and co. Today, Orange has finally added Adrian Rui Wui 'Ysaera' Hong to their ranks and have thus filled the void left by YamateH. 

A Malaysian based in Singapore, Ysaera, was also seen standing-in for Orange in The Malaysia Cup and will take up the solo mid position in the team. In an attempt to bring Orange Esports back to it's former glory, he will also be joining his ex-teammates Chi Sum 'SXOCXS' Pun and Clement 'InsidiousC' Tan, the recent additions to Orange Esports' roster.

Judging by the recent lacklustre performances, this team will certainly take time to adapt with it's compatriots in SEA. However, with Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan leading at the helm alongside Raymond 'Sharky' Wong, this team has the potential to become a top tier contestant in SEA division.

Orange Esports roster:

Malaysia Raymond 'Sharky' Wong
Malaysia Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan
Singapore Chi Sum 'SXOCXS' Pun
Singapore Clement 'InsidiousC' Tan
Singapore Adrian Rui Wui 'Ysaera' Hong

Source: Orange Facebook