ESP Shock Therapy Cup begins on 20 January

Dota 2 Mervyn “ISB” Tan

Electronic Sports Prime will be hosting its inaugural Shock Therapy Cup beginning 20 January, with a total $10,000 prizepool. The tournament will feature 8 of the top-tier teams in the West. 

The tournament will be conducted in a double elimination playoff format, and the tournament will run over 5 nights from January 20 to January 25 2014. This will also be the first appearance of the team Pretty Boy Swag in professional competition since being sponsored by the eHug organisation. The double elimination bracket will feature a first round best of one, and best of ones in the loser's bracket up till the semifinals. All other matches will be best of 3. 

As this tournament spans both the European and North American continents, the match servers will be decided via coinflip, while the team that loses the coinflip will get both pick choice as well as side choice. 

The ticket for the tournament is priced at $8.99 in the Dota 2 store, and will be bundled with the Eye of Thunderkeg ward and Power Surge HUD skin. 

English casting for the tournament will be handled by BeyondTheSummit.

Prizepool distribution:

1st - $7,000
2nd - $2,000
3rd - $1,000

Mervyn “ISB” Tan
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