LGD allowed to compete in D2L again; LGD admits miscommunication within their own ranks

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After hours of people sharpening their pitchforks, ready to stand behind LGD for what was suppose to be D2L's mistake, D2L admin Colin aka Iamlectr wrote a 1,016 word post on Reddit explaining what happened in the days leading up to the complaint and their ultimate decision.

The full transcript of the post can be found below but here are the key points in short.

  1. Initially, both teams had problems getting their visa and by the 23rd of December, both LGD and VG reported that all their applications got approved.
  2. January 1st - Ruru told D2L that one of the players is not interested in playing. 12 hours later, ACE urged Ruru for their fifth but the player needed to apply for a new visa
  3. D2L started looking for alternatives. iG declined their invitation and therefore, D2L turned to Team Liquid.
  4. Ruru posted the Weibo posts.
  5. LGD admitted to miscommunication in their own ranks.
  6. D2L allows LGD to participate in the event.

Pan 'Ruru' Jie, owner of LGD, told GosuGamers that she did not say that the players did not get the visa, they just waited a long time for the visa because of the Christmas break. Jie added that they were very anxiously waiting for the visa and wanted some help from D2L to hasten the visa process.

D2L will begin on the 7th of January with LGD.cn, and Vici Gaming from the east and Alliance and Fnatic from the west. $50,000 in cash will be at stake in CES with half of it going to the champion of season four.

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