Meracle unable to play for Titan in ACG due to nationality

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Galvin Jian Wen 'Meracle' Kang, the bright young star of Titan and sometimes called the M-God, will not be allowed to participate with his Malaysian team in Asian Cyber Games because of his nationality. In Kang's stead is Orange Neolution carry player Wei Poong 'Yamateh' Ng.

Born in Singapore, Kang previously played for First Departure before he joined RisingStars and subsequently Titan after the former disbanded. Our informer told us Kang will most possibly compete in ACG with his former teammates as a result but that was quickly debunked by First Departure player Jun Jie 'Lubby' Chan. Chan told us they have already agreed to play with Joel Jian Yong 'chibix3' Chan and shouldn't be changing their rosters like that. "It is unfair," said Chan.

Therefore, Kang will only be a spectator in ACG and surely, cheer for his Malaysian teammates as well as his friends in First Departure.

Prior to the debunk, our friends in China told us the Titan boys were always joking about their possible encounter in Singapore. "We will be enemies in the morning and friends at night," Titan members joked considering they have to play together as a team for Fengyun Dota 2 tournament at night.

Similar to the World Cyber Games, Asian Cyber Games or more commonly known as The Asia prides itself on competition based on nation.

Asian Cyber Games is marked to begin on the 26th of December till the 29th in Singapore. Nine top teams from nine different countries will be competing for a piece of the $30,000 prize pool. Titan, First Departure, Mineski and MiTH-Trust are the clear favourites to win the tournament. Nexon Sponsorship League S1 champion Startale will also be competing in the tournament.

Participating teams and players:

Image credit: Armaggeddon, E-Club

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