Meet Hatton, the creator of "Kotol, giff me mana"

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"Blending in with Russians", a comedic video by Jed 'Hatton' Hatton posing as a Russian Keeper of the Light player has gathered over a million views and is considered to be one of the most successful Dota 2 videos made to date. Lawrence 'Malystryx' Phillips of joinDOTA caught up with the Youtube celebrity for an interview about how he started making videos and why he thinks the video became so popular.

I think the first unique video of DOTA you made involved you playing with your two brothers (video here). 19 minutes into the game one of your brothers was complaining “I’ve only got one power” then your other brother tells him “level up you spastic”. I especially liked when you asked your brother to auto-attack to which he replied "I don't have auto". Is that when you realised the potential for comedy DOTA2 videos after the success of that video?  

Hatton: Yeah definitely. Dota was something I've always messed around with and I was cautious at first to upload that kind of content to my channel but they do suprisingly well and are good fun to make.


Let's talk a bit about Blending in with the Russians, its now got over 1 million views. How did that video come into being, why do you think that video in particular was so popular and more importantly was that really his voice?

Hatton: This video was purely by chance! I think it became so popular because a lot of my viewers could relate to it. Luckily I got matched with the right people at the right time. If it wasnt for Russians with microphones the video wouldn't be half as funny; so a big thank you to them!

Which other videos do you particularly like?

Hatton: "Anti mage calls a magic shop" (video here) was really fun to make. The guy on the other end took the joke really well.


You mean that was really a magic shop?

Hatton: That's the funny thing, it was legit! They are just a local magic shop that I pulled out from Google, the guy was clearly bored and had a bit of banter. This is their website and I believe they featured the video on there somewhere.

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