RisingStars no more

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 27 November 2013 06:00

According to a Weibo post by ACE, RisingStars have disbanded and they are hard at work to ensure everybody gets a fair treatment. Our insiders told us it is mostly due to their lackluster performance over the past couple of weeks.

After a huge roster change following The International 3 and another roster change due to internal conflicts, RisingStars still failed to perform in multiple tournaments such as WPC-ACE and the D2L Eastern qualifiers, despite employing Singaporean talent Galvin 'Meracle' Kang to replace Jia Jun 'Sylar' Liu. Earlier today, ACE announced that RisingStars are in the midst of submitting their disbanding proposal and ACE are working hard on solving the contracts and salaries for every player.

Our insiders told us, RisingStars disbandment is almost certainly due to their poor showing in all the Chinese tournaments. The team failed to qualify for the playoffs of WPC-ACE League (7th place) and also placed rock bottom in the eastern qualifiers of D2L. They did qualify for G-League, but they had to pull out of the tournament a week ago, and got replaced by Titan, a team that RisingStars had beaten during the qualifiers. They also withdrew from their participation in Sina Cup Season Two five days ago.

RisingStars' fall is the very testament of an all-stars line-up not working out due to teamwork and chemistry issues. When the Chinese shuffle ended early September, we wrote an article summarizing the transfers and stated that RisingStars were the biggest winners out of the chaos, obtaining star players from many different teams. However, communication issues, allegedly between Sylar and Tian Yu 'Cty' Chen, popped up a few weeks later resulting in the departure of their star carry.

RisingStars team roster:

China Si Long 'XDD' Liu
Singapore Galvin 'Meracle' Kang
China Yi 'QQQ' Yao
China Yang 'KingJ' Zhou
China Tian Yu 'Cty' Chen

Source: Weibo
Image credit: SCNTV