Sigma.Int replaces Dignitas in MLG Columbus

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Sigma International will be the ninth team in MLG Columbus. They will be taking the spot of the recently disbanded American team Dignitas in the $107,000 event.

After just a few short hours of discussion, Adam Apicella, Executive Vice President of Major League Gaming, tweeted that Sigma International will be replacing former Team Dignitas' spot in MLG Columbus. Team Dignitas (prior to disbandment) pulled out of MLG Columbus late Monday.

Some people questioned MLG's decision to pick Sigma over American teams such as Stay Free but Apicella responded on Reddit, "At 9 days out your priorities shift from 'FOR NORTH AMERICA' to 'we need to fill that spot'. Luckily we had an amazing team commit to go. This is not an indictment on Demon/Inphinity's proposed squad, but the risk was still there."

MLG Columbus is set to begin on the 22nd of November. MLG have currently sold more than 23,000 DotaTV tickets and are expecting an exponential increase in the days leading up to the tournament. At the time of publish, the prize pool is worth $107,827 - a few thousand more than the $50,000 MLG initially put out.

MLG Columbus ticket is available on the Dota 2 store at $9.99 each. It comes with a courier, a ward, a HUD skin and battlepoint bonus.

Teams competing in MLG Columbus:

Sweden The Alliance
Ukraine Na’Vi
Europe Fnatic

China DK
United States Team Liquid
United States Evil Geniuses

United States Pretty Boy Swag
United States Speed Gaming International
Europe Sigma International

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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