Yaphets teams with LongDD and Kabu in TongFu's third team

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Yaphets will be venturing into Dota 2 alongside LongDD, Kabu, SYDM and zExBinGo in TongFu's third team. They will be flying to South Korea to play in Nexon Invitational Super Match in the final week of the event.

According to an article by 2P, TongFu will be sponsoring a third team consisting of some of the forgotten players during the recent Chinese shuffle such as Xiang 'LongDD' Huang, Kai 'Kabu' Zhao and most surprisingly, famous Shadow Fiend player Yan Jun 'Yaphets' Bu.

Bu's return to the Dota 2 scene is also his third attempt thus far, first one being in a one-match-stint with World Elite back in 2011 and a short time with an unknown tier-two Chinese team in Redbull ECL. Rumour has it that Bu left the team after they lost their opening match in the qualifiers of Redbull ECL.

TongFu 3 is expected to debut their new roster during the final week of Nexon Invitational Super Match in South Korea. Their foreign opponents have not been announced.

TongFu 3 team roster:

China Jun Jie 'SYDM' Tong
China Xiang 'LongDD' Huang
China Kai 'Kabu' Zhao
China Yan Jun 'Yaphets' Bu
China zExBinGo

Source: 2P