Team Empire wins Eizo Cup #8

Dota 2 Huy “Chronosphere” Nguyen

Defeating 3-time champion Kaipi in the grand final, Team Empire emerged victorious in the 8th edition of JoinDotA's Eizo Cup.

Both Kaipi and Team Empire had a relatively easy route to the Grand Final, sweeping aside their opponents without dropping a single game. In the Grand Final, Team Empire was able to keep that streak alive as they convincingly handed Kaipi a 2-0 defeat. The Russian squad were always ahead and controlled the tempo of both games en route to their second tournament win in two weeks (EMS One Cup #2 being the other).

Their recent run of success proves that Team Empire is clearly the team that came out on top following the CIS roster reshuffle. Although they don't necessarily have the star power that Virtus.Pro possess, their lineup is showing much better cohesion and teamwork of late; while the star-studded VP are still struggling to find their grove.

With their first place finish, Team Empire brings home €1250 in prize money, while Kaipi settles for €500.  

Source: EiZO Cup