Chinese teams to debut new line-up in Sina Cup

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Sina Cup will be starting tomorrow and many Chinese teams such as iG, LGD, and TongFu will debut their new roster in the week-long online tournament. The winner will walk away with 18,000 RMB.

With the National Esports Tournament continuously being pushed back due to the shuffle, Sina Cup Supernova Dota 2 Open will be the first tournament in China to feature some of the top teams from all over the country.

Of the eight teams participating in the double elimination playoffs, six of them were invited while two, New Element and Ogurayui, earned their spots in the playoffs through the gruelling qualifiers session since the 5th.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket


Many Chinese teams such as Invictus Gaming, LGD and TongFu will debut their new line-ups in this tournament, although the highly anticipated DK dream team will not be participating in it. Rising Stars' rumoured upcoming superstars team will also not be participating in the tournament.

BeyondTheSummit Studios and Basskip will be providing the livestream for Sina Cup. You can also purchase Sina Cup's DotaTV ticket here for only $1.99.

All the teams in the playoffs are guaranteed 1,000 RMB (~$163) while the top three will receive more than just the default payout.

Prize pool breakdown:

1. 18,000 RMB (~$2,940)
2. 6,000 RMB (~$980)
3. 3,000 RMB (~$490)
Participating teams: 1,000 RMB (~$163)


Schedule (CEST):

9th Sept

12:00 - iG vs Ogurayui (bo3)
15:00 - Vici Gaming vs Rattlesnake (bo3)

10th Sept

12:00 - TongFu vs New Element (bo3)
15:00 - LGD vs Mineski (bo3)

11th Sept

12:00 - WB Semi-finals #1 (bo3)
15:00 - WB Semi-finals #2 (bo3)

12th Sept

12:00 - LB round 1 #1 (bo1)
13:00 - LB round 1 #2 (bo1)
14:00 - LB round 2 #1 (bo1)
15:00 - LB round 2 #2 (bo1)
16:00 - LB round 3 (bo1)

15th Sept

12:00 - WB finals (bo3)
15:00 - LB finals (bo3)

16th Sept

12:00 - Grand final (bo5)

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