Anonymous businessman wants to buy Hao and Mu with $130,000

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 21 August 2013 12:15

SGamer claimed an anonymous businessman wants to buy Hao and Mu from TongFu for a grand sum of $130,000. Assuming it goes through, this will be the biggest player transaction in the history of Dota.

All the rumours about DK and aside, another rumble appeared earlier today with SGamer claiming an anonymous businessman's intention to buy Zhi Hao 'hao' Chen and Pan 'Mu' Zhang over from TongFu for a sum of 800,000 RMB ($130,000).

Assuming the transaction goes through, this will be the biggest individual player transaction made in the history of Dota with second placer BurNIng transaction fee at only 80,000 RMB, almost ten times less.

TongFu has not responded to the rumour and will be looking to make an announcement as soon as the club is ready with a decision. The team the alleged businessman is forming is currently shrouded in mystery and it is unknown if the new alliance will be playing under ACE.

TongFu played in The International 3 earlier this month and finished fourth, losing to Neolution.Orange in the semi-finals of the loser bracket. They brought back a cash prize of $201,208.

Source: SGamer