The International 3 Coverage: Day 2 Round-up

Dota 2 Huy “Chronosphere” Nguyen


Alliance remained undefeated, MUFC still winless, and a big surge from Na`Vi capped yet another exciting day of world-class DotA as Day 2 of The International Preliminaries came to a close.

Here's how things stand after Day 2 of the Preliminaries:

Group A

Team G W L P
14 11 3 11
14 10 4 10
14 9 5 9
14 8 6 8
14 8 6 8
14 6 8 6
14 4 10 4
14 0 14 0
Matches and results

Na`Vi (10-2) picked what they left off, going 6-0 on their second day of play to leapfrog Fnatic and DK and took sole possession of first place in Group A. With this, the Ukrainian powerhouse have also secured a spot on the upper bracket for the main event. Fnatic (8-4) and DK eSports (8-4) both went 3-3 on the day as they looked to follow Na`Vi's footsteps. DK dropped two games to Na`Vi but recovered nicely to take down Fnatic.

A 4-2 day from (7-5) got them to 4th place and back into contention for a spot in the upper bracket, along with Team Dignitas (7-5). The North Americans convincingly took down mousesports and split with Zenith before falling to Na`Vi to end the second day. There were no changes in the bottom half of group A table. Zenith (4-8) and mouz (4-8) will have to take the long route in the main event as they will enter the playoffs in the lower bracket. For MUFC (0-12), it hasn't exactly been a fun couple of days for them so far as they looked completely out of sync in virtually all of their losses. 


Group B

Team G W L P
14 14 0 14
14 8 6 8
14 8 6 8
14 8 6 8
14 7 7 7
14 5 9 5
14 3 11 3
14 3 11 3
Matches and results

The Alliance (12-0) train continued to roll in Day 2 as the Swedes rolled past TongFu, Team Liquid, and Virtus.Pro and remained undefeated in the tournament. A big day from Mushi and co. saw them take 2 series against and Rattlesnake while splitting the other with Invictus Gaming. Orange eSports jumped from 6th to 2nd place and secured themselves an upper bracket spot with their performance today. Team Liquid (7-5) dropped a series against Alliance but ended their day on a high note by beating and put them in the driver's seat for the seeding competition heading into the final day of preliminaries. 

TongFu (6-6) had a terrible start to their day, dropping two consecutive series to Alliance and, but managed to recover some momentum in the end by taking down defending champion iG (6-6). (4-8) had an impressive victory against TongFu today but couldn't utilize on the momentum and had pretty much dropped out of upper bracket contention by falling to Team Liquid. Finally, Rattlesnake (3-9) and Virtus.Pro (2-10) will need to prove it in the lower bracket for the main event.

With that, here's how the competition for seedings looks like as things stand right now:


Team status
Status Group A Group B
Guaranteed Upper Bracket Ukraine Natus Vincere (10-2) Sweden Alliance (12-0)
Malaysia Orange (8-4)
In the Hunt for Upper Bracket

Europe Fnatic (8-4)
China DK (8-4),

United States Dignitas (7-5)
China (7-5)

United States Liquid (7-5)
China iG (6-6)

China TongFu (6-6)
China (4-8)*

Guaranteed Lower Bracket

Singapore Zenith (4-8)
Germany mouz (4-8)

Malaysia MUFC (0-12)

China Rattlesnake (3-9)
Russia Virtus.Pro (2-10)


*The only scenario in which can make it to the upper bracket is if these three results happen tomorrow:

- Team Liquid 2-0 Invictus Gaming

- TongFu 0-2 Rattlesnake

- 2-0 Virtus.Pro

In this scenario, Alliance, Orange, and Liquid will secure the top three spots of the group, while iG, TongFu and will all stand at 6-8. This is where tiebreaker rules come into play:


 Extra Games: If teams tie along the Upper and Lower Bracket divider, more games will be played to determine seed. Other seeds are resolved with the following steps:

1- Compare the matchup history of these teams

2- Compare their wins vs the seed right below them. Repeat until resolved

3- Coin toss


The third and final day of the preliminaries will take place tomorrow at 9 A.M. PDT (6 P.M. CEST) with eight series to be played.   

It's the holy grail of The International 3 coverage!