VANSKOR departs from RoX.KIS

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Ivan 'VANSKOR' Skorohod has left RoX.KIS due to a misunderstanding between him and the team. VANSKOR is rumoured to be joining upcoming Dota 2 squad Astana Dragons alongside players like Artstyle, Scandal and Blowyourbrain.

According to a report by, Ivan 'VANSKOR' Skorokhod, RoX.KIS' player, has left his team due to some misunderstanding between the player and the team. The misunderstanding was undisclosed.


Statement by Denis 'PoDoX' Pestrecov, RoX.KIS' manager:

Hi everyone! Unfortunately, I have to inform you that Vanskor is leaving. He had problems and misunderstanding with the team lately, which we couldn't solve. Thank you for all the great plays stealing ultimates in the teamfights and good luck!


Statement by Ivan 'VANSKOR' Skorohod

As most of you know, I am leaving RoX.KIS, because I am not happy with controversies surrounding one of the players and his skill level. However, a lot of good things happened while I was in the team. Therefore, I want to the thanks the organization for everything they've done for us. Special thanks to PoDoX for his huge effort, exhilariting speeches, bootcamps and many more. Goodbye to everyone. Good luck!


Although it is unknown where VANSKOR will be heading to, it is very likely that he will join a few Russian pros in Astana Dragons upcoming Dota 2 squad. Astana Dragons posted the abbreviation "ABDSV" last week, indicating the initials of the player handles joining them. Alongside VANSKOR, Artstyle, Scandal, Dubas and Blowyourbrain seem to be the favourite guesses among fans.

The news also means RoX.KIS have lost three of its members (Solo, Dread, VANSKOR) in the past few weeks and the team is now down to three remaining players.

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