Na`Vi takes Raidcall D2L title in a spectacular game three comeback

Dota 2 Eric “reinnnn” Khor

Fresh off their Alienware Cup win in China, Na`Vi returned to Europe with their new found form and took down Mousesports in three straight games to be crowned the champion of RaidCall Dota 2 League champion.

Prior to the grand final, Mousesports captain Troels 'SyndereN' Nielsen mentioned that Mousesports had the worst stats against the Ukrainian team but will regardless, try their best to win the top prize. Unfortunately, Mousesports did not perform well against Na`Vi's ultra aggressive strategy, dropping their first two games in two twenty minutes game.

Mousesports started game three with a big lead and a better draft to split push Na`Vi but a fatal mistake on a teamfight turned the game around and things ended very swiftly for the Germans.

For finishing second in the third season of Raidcall D2L, Mousesports claim $3,000 in cash while the champions from Ukraine will head to Seattle next month, $5,000 richer.

Round 1 - Best of 3


Raidcall D2L Season 3
1st place Ukraine Natus Vincere $5,000

2nd place

Germany Mousesports $3,000
3rd place   $2,000



Match report

Game 1

Mousesports kicked off game one abandoning their off-lane and jungled the Lone Druid while Na`Vi's Prophet stayed on the bottom lane, disrupting the creep equilibrium with his Treants. While all eyes were on the bottom lane, Puck was able to get Dragon Knight through last hitting and finish him with his Orb and Warning Rift for the First Blood. Dragon Knight teleported back to the lane and with the Haste rune bottled up, he got his revenge kill on the Puck. Dragon Knight died a second time to Mouz's smoke gank but traded their tier-one tower on the top lane for it.

Although the kill score was 3-3 at the 10th minute mark, Na`Vi has built up a 4,000 gold lead by taking down all three tier-one towers on top of the free-farming Alchemist with max Greevil's Greed. The Ukrainians boldly walked into the Rosh pit at 11 minutes, seen by Mousesports, and took the Aegis uncontested. The Aegis was given to the Alchemist. With the Aegis in hand, Na`Vi pushed down their first tier-two tower, on the bottom lane, and looked to go high ground. They backed off as Alchemist's Chemical Rage expired. Their second attempt at Mousesports' base came at 16 minutes, 1 minute before the Aegis expires, and this time, they took down the base tower before retreating.

18 minutes in, all of Mousesports' outer towers were gone and Na`Vi strolled into the Germans' base via the middle lane. Na`Vi did not face much retaliation in taking down the middle barracks and the top melee barracks. Na`Vi killed the second Roshan as soon as it spawned and despite Mouz's best effort to protect their bottom barracks, the lead was far too great for them to even scratch the Dragon Knight.Na`Vi took game one.


Game 2

Na`Vi had the clear upper-hand in the laning stage with Outworld Devourer going against Puck on the middle lane and also an interesting Quelling Blade Windrunner, on the offlane to stack and farm the ancients. At the same time, Clockwerk could not do much soloing the hard lane against Alchemist, Rubick and Chen trilane and ended up giving away the First Blood. Outworld Devourer was also off to a winning start last hitting 57 creeps and denying a whopping 46 creeps ten minutes into the game. Coupled with max Greevil's Greed Alchemist, Na`Vi built a 4,000 gold lead in ten minutes.

Things turned from bad to worse for the Germans going into the mid-game as Na`Vi was able to go on a killing spree, picking up their fourth kill in exchange for none. It did not help when Mousesports gave Alchemist a free tier-one tower on the bottom lane followed by a failed three-man gank on the Alchemist. What Mouz could really count on is Na`Vi's tendency to overextend and indeed they did. With the lead they had, Na`Vi banged on the tier-two tower on the middle lane but opted to fight the heroes instead. They ended up sacrificing the Rubick in what could have been an easy tower.

20 minutes in, Na`Vi regrouped and took down both the tier-two towers on the middle lane and the bottom lane, and continue finding kills after kills as Mouz desperately farmed at their base entrance. Taking another huge engagement on the top lane, Na`Vi destroyed Mouz's final outer tower before moving into Mouz's base via the middle lane. As one would have expected, Na`Vi destroyed Mouz's last stand and took game two.


Game 3

Knowing that Na`Vi first picked the Alchemist in the first two games, Mousesports respect banned Alchemist. Mousesports ran the offensive trilane this time with Sand King as the primary farmer. The lane worked out well against Na`Vi's dual lane who overextended in their attempt to kill the Crystal Maiden. Solo safe-lane Anti Mage on the contrary, did not have the best time tanking full creep waves with Dark Seer intercepting the lane. Mousesports came out as the victor in the game's first big fight with an invisible Beastmaster sneaking into the fray. Almost all of Na`Vi's mishaps can be attributed to the Doom pick which has not left the jungle ten minutes in.

Despite their sloppy start, the Ukrainian team pulled through in their first gank attempt on the Beastmaster, successfully taking down Crystal Maiden as collateral damage and the tier-one tower as well. Their second gank attempt went according to plan as well and this time, they were able to take down the Anti-Mage with Doom. Both teams traded tower after the kill.

In response to Na`Vi's constant smoke ganks, Mousesports pulled off their own smoke gank on Gyrocopter and Storm Spirit and took command of the game. Mouz's small lead was immediately given away two minutes later in a huge engagement on the middle lane which resulted in all of Mouz dead. Na`Vi continued applying pressure to Mouz's towers, pushing the bottom lane, well knowing Mousesports was waiting for the right moment to initiate on them. The Epi-Blink was successful in killing Gyrocopter but a great Vaccum by the Dark Seer into the Wall of Replica melted three Mouz heroes. Anti-Mage died a short while later trying to take on Crystal Maiden, Jakiro and Storm Spirit with Beastmaster. Na`Vi took down Mouz's fifth outer tower at 23 minutes.

Come 25 minutes, both teams took a break from continuously killing each other at the expense of their carries dying. Seizing the opportunity that two of Mouz were top, Na`Vi moved in for the Rosh kill and gave the Aegis to Gyrocopter. Unfortunately for Na`Vi, Gyrocopter lost the Aegis a minutes later trying to lane against an Anti-Mage. Both teams returned to farming for the next five minutes before the next engagement in the Radiant jungle. This time, Na`Vi pulled off the perfect combo and turned the entire game around.

Na`Vi immediately pushed mid and although Mousesports bought back to join Sand King in defending the base, Na`Vi once again took all of them out. The barracks quickly fell and Mousesports pulled out the white flag.


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