TongFu takes gold in Dota 2 Super League

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Bucking up from their loss yesterday against DK in the Alienware Cup, TongFu defeated their Dota 2 Super League grand finalist opponent in three short games, securing themselves the title of the tournament and more than $80,000 in cash prize.

With the win, TongFu secured themselves their first LAN tournament win in 2013 and will bring this achievement to RedBull ECL event next week and biggest stage of all, The International 3 next month.

DK on the other hand, despite being the heavy favourites of the grand final disappointed many and did not play at the highest level, at least not one worthy of a grand final. Besides running unorthodox dual lanes in the first two games, Bai 'ROTK' Fan got picked off again and again trying desperately to farm him Armlet in his own woods.

DK will take home a little over $32,000 in cash prize for their second place finish.

The relegation matches of the Dota 2 Super League will be played on the 20th of July till the 21st to determine the teams that will be out of the next season of Dota 2 Super League. Vici Gaming, Rattlesnake, RisingStars and possibly disqualified For.Love will be playing for their participation in this part of the tournament.


Dota 2 Super League Prizes
1st place China TongFu 500,000 RMB (~$81,103)

2nd place

China DK 200,000 RMB (~$32,441)
3rd place China 100,000 RMB (~$16,220)
4th place Malaysia NeoES.Orange 50,000 RMB (~$8,110)


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Match report

Game 1

To kick-off the grand final of the Dota 2 Super League, both teams placed two of their heroes on the middle lane, DK with the Anti-Mage and Lich and TongFu mobilized Storm Spirit and Lina. The battle on the middle lane was fairly even and although Lich was able to deny creeps using Sacrifice, TongFu's two ranged heroes were harrassed more and kept the Anti-Mage at bay. 6 minutes into the game, Magnus rotated to mid and ended up getting caught out of position and gave away the First Blood.

After the first kill, TongFu was able to repeatedly find more pick offs and extended the kill lead to 4-1 at 10 minutes. TongFu immedlately started grouping up as five and pushed down the middle tier-one tower. When pushing the bottom tier-one as five did not work out, TongFu moved the Lifestealer and Storm Spirit to the top lane while the rest kept the pressure on the bottom lane. The Lifestealer and Storm were able to catch the Puck off-guard and subsequently, took down the tier-two tower. This pushed TongFu's gold lead to more than 10,000 in just 16 minutes.

17 minutes in, TongFu took a commanding lead of the map by destroying DK's final outer tower. TongFu choked DK in their own base and killed the Anti-Mage as soon as he step downhill courtesy of the Orchid on Storm Spirit. Tongfu went straight into the Rosh pit and secured the Aegis before pushing mid. Despite not taking down a single barracks on their first push, TongFu repeatedly killed DK's heroes in the own base and extended the lead to 17-4. DK called the "gg" on the second push.



Game 2

DK started out game two running an unconventional dual lane on the top lane and the bottom lane but eventually moved the Nyx to form a trilane because Weaver did not need help going against the Puck. DK immediately initiated on TongFu upon the arrival of the Nyx and traded the First Blood on Rubick for the Visage. A few kills were traded back and forth and TongFu switched their their Anti-Mage up to the top lane to allow more time for their carry to farm.

Despite fighting against DK 4v5, TongFu was able to secure a fair trade against DK while Anti-Mage farmed away. After 10 minutes of farm, has secured himself a Battlefury, Yasha, Vladimir Offering and Treads in just 20 minutes and with the Aegis in hand, TongFu dived past DK's tier-two tower to secure kills, pushing the kill score to 23-11 in their favour.

Losing their heroes repetitively to TongFu's high mobility line-up, DK surrendered with all their tier-two still up.



Game 3

After a disappointing start to the grand final, DK switched their lanes back into the more conventional offensive trilane. Initially placing their trilane on top, TongFu reacted to DK's trilane by rotating both the supports down to help the Enigma. The rotation paid for itself after they managed to secure a kill on the Alchemist, just seconds after Queen of Pain took out Magnus for the First Blood. Due to the kill, Burning switched lanes with the Lifestealer and as a result, TongFu was able to take down the bottom tier-one with relative ease.

Despite the lane switch, TongFu was very determined in shutting down Alchemist and committed a lot of time and heroes to take him down a second time. Burning only had 46 creeps in 12 minutes. TongFu continued pushing their kill score, securing an 8-3 lead while taking down towers in the process. Naga Siren bought a Gem to strengthen their map positioning and due to the lack of vision, ROTK died again and again desperately trying to farm his Armlet in his own woods.

By 23 minutes, all of DK outer towers are gone and in one last ditch effort, DK engaged TongFu outside their base but failed miserably. TongFu pushed for the win and got it on their second try.


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