Mousesports and Alliance returns to Poland for EMS One

Dota 2 Bao “silverbret614” Nguyen

Mousesports and Alliance has qualified for the offline playoffs of EMS One. Alliance had a rematch against Rat in the Dark in what was an embarrassing defeat yesterday and took the Finnish team down in straight games.

The Upper Bracket final witnessed Mousesports quickly disposed of Rat in the Dark in straight games, grabbing Group C's first ticket to the LAN finals. Alliance also rolled through their countrymen of 4FC to set up a much wanted rematch against the Finnish team after suffering an embarrassing defeat yesterday. Rat in the Dark picked up Tuskar and looked to surprise the Swedish powerhouse, but Loda and co. was fully prepared this time. They picked up the Pudge and although s4 was no Dendi today, Alliance was able to rally behind their meticulous play to take game one.

Alliance started out great in game two, winning the tri-lane and never looked back. Alliance defeated Rat in the Dark 2-0 and qualified for the LAN finals in Poland. 

However, it is not the end of the road for Rat. EMS One will be hosting a single elimination tournament for the three third placers of the groupstage as well as one lucky fourth placer to compete for the eighth spot of the offline finals. Details and schedule for the final group has not been released but is expected to be out within the week.

The offline playoffs of EMS One Summer is set to take place on the 13th of July to the 14th. Similar to the Spring season, EMS will put up $39,000 in cash prize for the eight teams to fight for.

Qualified teams:

United States Evil Geniuses
France Quantic Gaming
Denmark Flip.Sid3 Tactics
Russia RoX.KIS
Germany Mousesports
Sweden Alliance



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Photo by EMS One