Solo's Starladder ban reduced to one year

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 23 June 2013 20:45

Solo's ban from Starladder has been reduced to a one year ban after RoX.KIS' public apology to the organizers. Starladder believe that this problem is new in the industry and will work on ways to minimize this problem as much as possible.

Alexey 'Solo' Berezin,initially a recipient of a lifetime ban from Starladder tournaments, has received a pardon for illegally betting against his own team, and his ban has been reduced to just one year. According to their official statement regarding the matter, Starladder has reduced Solo's cheating penalty because the case is new in the industry and RoX.KIS, Solo's former team, has publicly apologized for his actions.

The following statement was translated by turik.


Andrey 'x3m4eg' Grygoriev, editor-in-chief of Starladder:

Can't say that this decision was easy and unanimous. On one hand, we understood that this is a team game and the whole team should bear responsibility. On the other hand, the case is kinda new for the industry. We decided to make advances for team RoX.KIS after the team admitted the guilt of one of the players. Generally, the whole StarLadder TV staff is working to minimize such incidents. We are for fair play!


Considering that Solo is currently banned from tournaments by joinDOTA and EMS as well, it is unknown if the organizers will pardon him the way Starladder did. Assuming so, he could return to the competitive scene in no time or more specifically, by next year.

Solo was given the boot by RoX.KIS two days ago and is currently without a team. For more background information on how this story developed, check out our previous story here.

Solo was caught illegally betting against his own team in a Star Series game against zRAGE in which, he won $322. A screenshot of his winnings was leaked to Starladder organizers and in a fit of rage, they have banned the player for life and the rest of RoX.KIS for three years.

After further investigation by RoX.KIS, they claimed that only Solo was responsible for this unethical conduct and removed him from the team. All accusations against RoX.KIS have been cleared.

Egamingbets have also refunded everybody who lost their money in that particular Star Series game.

Source: Starladder,, Egamingbets