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Hanci has allegedly left For.Love and joined team Royal, an up and coming Chinese team. No reasons were stated for his departure but it may be due to For.Love's underperformance the past couple of months.

According to a tweet by Mali, Han Ci 'Hanci' Huang, captain of For.Love,  has allegedly left For.Love to join an up and coming Chinese team, Royal.

Considering that the news of the roster change has not been officially announced, no reasons were stated as to why he has left the team but one could guess that it is due to For.Love's underperformance the past couple of months.

This is certainly in line with what we overheard from one of For.Love member who said that the team is not doing very well and they are contemplating a disbandment. Until the official announcement, this is just a rumour and the players might have decided to stay in the team to continue fighting.

However, Hanci's sudden departure from the team may jeorpadize their spot in the Dota 2 Super League in which they are suppose to play the relegation matches against Vici Gaming, Rattlesnake, and Rising Stars.

We are currently attempting to reach Gamefy for more information on the matter.

We have received information that Gamefy will most probably disqualify For.Love from Dota 2 Super League but further confirmation of this will come after the offline grand final.

For.Love recently placed last in Group A of the Dota 2 Super League, not winning a single match against top Chinese teams. For.Love also did not do well in the qualifiers of G-1 League, losing to Chains Stack in their first match. Current TongFu player Yang 'KingJ' Zhou left For.Love soon after their elimination calling For.Love a "home" but not a club.

For.Love current roster:

China Hao '8GK' Zhang
China Hou Yi 'You' Yang
China Xiong 'Zippo' Zhou
China Chen 'CZ' Zhuo

Source: Twitter


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