Chinese government to host nation-wide Esports tournament. Dota 2 given special mention

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The Chinese government has just given massive support to Esports in China. Dota 2 was given a special mention last week by Xinwen Lianbo and may be the focus of the upcoming tournaments hosted by the Administration of Sports.

The Chinese government has announced a nation-wide Esports tournament that will be run by Zhejiang Daily Newspaper in conjuction with G-League and Dota 2 Super League organizers, Gamefy.

According to SGamer, the online qualifier of the nation-wide tournament will begin by the end of June and end with an offline finals. Apart from that, an all-new league is also scheduled to begin next year. No further details of the tournaments have been announced.

Most exciting of all, the Chinese government also stated that the tournament will be simultaneously broadcasted across all digital platforms including live broadcast on television. Besides that, details of negotiation with the official Chinese Administration of Sports to select China's national team will also be released later.

The Administration of Sports will be creating the format of the league in an effort to build a foundation for the games.

In Xinwen Lianbo's, television channel in China, live feature on Esports last week, Dota 2 was specifically mentioned and they even went on to play the Chinese version of Dota 2.

Although this tournament may be applied for other Esports title such as League of Legends and Starcraft 2, it appears that Dota 2 might be receiving most of the attention since it was the only title mentioned by name in the reports. However, this is unconfirmed until the official details are released.

GosuGamers will attempt to grab hold of Gamefy for further details.

Source: Sgamer, Dotaland

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