Alienware Cup $60,000 announced

Dota 2 “Skim”
Alienware and DPM Interractive have just announced their Alienware Cup tournament in which Natus Vincere will fight along nine top Asian teams for a $60,000 prize pool. The tournament will start on June 16th and scheduled to end by July 5th. BeyondTheSummit will be covering the event.
Yet another clash between East and West is upon us as Natus Vincere joins yet another Asian tournament. The Alienware Cup will be an online tournament starting June 16th and lasting up until July 5th. In addition to Chinese top teams and the Ukrainian powerhouse Na'Vi, Malaysian teams NeoES.Orange, Team Zenith and Invasion-MUFC will be participating as well.
Coverage will be provided by BeyondTheSummit. DotaTV tickets will be available as well. The tournament will be played solely online.

More information regarding the exact schedule and tournament format will be released soon, so stay tuned.