Dream Package to be given out during NPL final tonight

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 05 May 2013 08:57


Invasion-MUFC will take on Vici Gaming at 14:00 CEST tonight in the grand final of the Netolic Pro League 2. One lucky spectator may also stand a chance to win the Dream Package consisting of free air travel, hotel stay and an entry pass to The International 3.

The epic conclusion of Netolic Pro League #2 is here as Vici Gaming and Invasion-MUFC will go head on in a best-of-five series for the championship title.

Guaranteed a second place finish in NPL, Vici Gaming had come a long way in NPL losing their first round in the playoffs against Netolic.SG. Since then, VG has been rock solid, mowing down Invasion and tournament favourite NeoES.Orange before landing in the loser bracket finals. Their opponent for the LB final was once again Netolic.SG ,whom they had no problems taking down to secure the grand final spot.

Invasion-MUFC on the other hand, was undefeated all throughout the tournament until the winner bracket finals, where Netolic.SG was able to take a game off of them. Invasion-MUFC's consistency is at its peak as they've mowed down several top teams earlier today to become champions of GEST April. MUFC is certainly no easy foe for VG to take on.

The game is set to begin at 14:00 CEST today and will be streamed live by the boys from BeyondTheSummit. Dota Beyond and Sheever will also be be streaming the games in English.


The International 3 package


In case you have missed the big announcement made by Netolic prior to the grand finals, they will also be giving away the Dream Package to one lucky winner assuming the number of viewers in their RaidCall channel exceed 5,000. The potential winner must be inside the channel while the draw is happening.

The Dream Package consist of a free air ticket, hotel stay and an entry pass to The International 3 in Seattle on the 7th of August, basically everything an avid Dota 2 fan could ever wish for.

Netolic told Gosugamers that a "bell" would ring as soon as the number of people in their RaidCall channel exceeds the magic number and BTS will begin the livedraw of the Dream Package immediately.


Netolic Pro League 2 Prizes

1st place   $500

2nd place

3rd place Singapore Netolic.SG $200





Apparently there has been a miscommunication between the organizers and BTS. The main stream and giveaway will be done on NetolicTV.