Alliance first European team to qualify for G-1 League

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 28 April 2013 16:00

Team Alliance will be the first European team to qualify for the offline final of the G-1 League after they defeated Fnatic 2-0 for the spot. Fnatic will have to face Team Liquid at 14:00 CEST tomorrow to determine who will be joining the Swedes in China this year.

Team Alliance has just defeated Fnatic.EU in the winner bracket final of the G-1 League Western Qualifier, thus, securing their spot to fly to China next month for G-1's offline event.

The heavy favourite going into their game against Fnatic, the Swedes did not disappoint Gosubetters' trust as they played on a different level especially in game two where they performed the famous Roshan bait they did back in Dreamhack Winter last year.

Team Liquid, winner of the game against EG earlier today will be taking on Fnatic in a best-of-three tomorrow to determine who will be the one going to Shanghai later this year. The qualification includes free accommodation and free air travel for all five members of the team.

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Fnatic vs Alliance

Game 1

Fnatic went with a rather greedy line-up in game one and ran a survival trilane on the bottom lane with Tidehunter, Dark Seer and Weaver against the Shadow Fiend, Chen and Rubick. Fnatic's carry player, Era, played solo mid Gyrocopter in this game and nearly pulled off the First Blood against the Beastmaster with help from an invisible Tidehunter. The Gyrocopter spilled the First Blood when Rubick and Chen arrived with smoke popped off. Gyrocopter returned the favour one minute later with a gank of their own.

Fnatic dove into Alliance's tier one tower for the kill on Rubick but Loda's big mistake allowed the Tidehunter and Weaver to escape. h4nni also made a mistake in the mid lane as he ran into the tower range and got Roared immediately.

Guess who came out on top

Although the game was pretty even with no kills throghout 8 to 15 minutes, Alliance was starting to pull away in terms of farm. The next fight at 15 minutes really showcased what Fnatic planned to do with their wombo-combo line-up, Fnatic killing off two with no casualties. Fnatic fought their next fight near the Roshan pit and both teams settled with three kills each.

Alliance continued to push down Fnatic's outer towers, capitalizing on the fact that Fnatic did not have a proper non-ulti lockdown. Due to nice Sentry Ward placement, Alliance was able to pick the Magnus off before his supports arrived and forced Fnatic to take a bad fight. Tidehunter pulled off a four-man Ravage but it wasn't enough to stop BKB Shadow Fiend from casting the Requiem off.

Alliance eventually pushed into mid and Fnatic was still unable to execute the perfert wombo-combo like they did the first time. Alliance took game one.

Game 2

It was Dreamhack Winter all over again for Alliance as they went for the big smoke wrap around, baiting the Roshan at level one. This time, Alliance managed to catch the Bane Elemental who was lagging behind the rest of his teammates for the First Blood. The second and third blood came shortly in the mid lane after Alliance baited the trilane bot and went for the Storm Spirit in the mid lane instead. Keeper of the Light took the death for the Storm as Shadow Demon and Leshrac came in for a third attempt. Fnatic rotated both their supports mid to ensure Storm do not die for the third time.

The Shadow Demon and Leshrac combo pushed on picking off Fnatic's heroes left, right and middle. The Alliance killing spree continued until Fnatic finally responded at 7 minutes rotating five-man before the game spiralled out of control. The kill score was at 10-6 in favour of Alliance at that point.

The famous Alliance Roshan bait

Due to all these fights, Fnatic's and Alliance's supports were so underlevelled that Keeper of the Light was only level 5 while Leshrac was level 6 fifteen minutes in. Alliance did not care much about that as they started pushing down all of Fnatic's tier-one towers before going in for Roshan. The Aegis was given to Lifestealer.

Fnatic did not give up and were on constant hunt for opportunities or slip-up by Alliance which resulted in them exchange a Clockwerk for a Nature's Prophet, a fairly good trade. This was when Alliance stopped messing around and assembled on the top lane for a push to end the game. Alliance was successful in taking down the base tower before retreating.

Alliance took down the Roshan minutes later and went for a second push on the top lane. This time, they were successful in taking the melee barracks. As Alliance gathered for a final push in mid, Bane's Enfeeble and Keeper of the Light's Blinding Light was successful in delaying the push drastically. Fnatic took the time to analyze Alliance's weak spot and exploited it for their first victorious battle of the game.

Just as when things were looking good for Fnatic, Fnatic lost a big fight attempting to contest the Roshan. Fnatic did got the last hit on the Roshan and took the Cheese, but they were a tad bit late in picking up the Aegis. Alliance quickly throttled down mid lane and once again sieged the barracks and once again, Fnatic defended the barracks.

However, Alliance next push, walking into Fnatic's base with smoke was successful in picking off a few heroes and took down the barracks. Fnatic congratulated Alliance on the win and called the gg.

Schedule (CEST)

24th April - 10:00 - Mouz vs Alliance
24th April - 14:00 - Dignitas vs Na`Vi
25th April - 06:00 - Kaipi vs Fnatic
25th April - 10:00 - Kaipi vs Liquid
25th April - 14:00 - Mouz vs Dignitas
26th April - 10:00 - EG vs Fnatic
26th April - 14:00 - Alliance vs Na`Vi
27th April - 10:00 - Liquid vs Na`Vi
27th April - 14:00 - Dignitas vs EG
28th April - 10:00 - Liquid vs Dignitas/EG
28th April - 14:00 - Alliance vs Fnatic (Alliance qualifies)

29th April - 14:00 - Liquid vs Fnatic (Winner qualifies)

Check link for brackets, and tournament format