Liquid stops EG's epic comeback in G-1 - secures LB final spot

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 28 April 2013 12:14

EG has been eliminated from G-1 League courtesy of Team Liquid's well-rounded plays. Liquid will be moving on to the loser bracket final where they will face the loser of Fnatic vs Alliance for the second spot in G-1 League offline finals.

Despite nearly executing an epic comeback, Liquid was successful in halting EG and eliminated their fellow Americans from G-1 League.

Liquid's next game will be against the loser of Alliance versus Fnatic tomorrow at 14:00 CEST. The winner of that game will be the second team to qualify for G-1 League offline finals on the 24th of May.

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The winner bracket final game between Alliance versus Fnatic will take place at 14:00 CEST today. The result from the game will determine who will be the first European team to qualify for the fifth season of G-1 League.

You can visit G-1's official site here.

The live broadcast of the games will be provided by BeyondTheSummit and Ayesee.

EG vs Liquid

Game 1

Despite having a very gank-oriented line-up, Liquid could not find much opening in the laning phase to pick off heroes that are off-position because the rotation from EG's support was always there.

It was not till 12 minutes in that Team Liquid started picking up steam, roaming around the map as five. In a dire effort to protect their outer towers, EG gave away three kills on the top lane to even the score at 6-6 while an engagement on the tier-two tower resulted in a team wipe. Team Liquid has bounced back from the slow start they had in game one.

With the 6,000 gold swing in four minutes, Liquid took down the Roshan and continued pushing. Liquid took down the barracks on the bottom lane and shortly after, the middle.

EG successfully defended the top lane and even went on to steal the Roshan and the Aegis to delay the inevitable end. EG fended off two Liquid's push but the third one was enough to seal the deal.

Game 2

EG was very aggressive to begin game two as they popped off two smoke in attempts to kill the Templar Assassin in mid. The first smoke got them the First Blood while the second failed on a missed Venomous Gale from Venomancer. Off-lane Broodmother on the other hand, did not had the best time against a Nyx trilane. Broodmother only managed to buy his Soul Ring 6 minutes in.

The game was dead even for most part of the game with both parties exchanging equal amount of kills and towers but Liquid had the slight upperhand having two late game carries as oppose to EG's Phantom Lancer.

The first big engagement of the game came 24 minutes in where Liquid's Clockwerk was able to successfully separate the Venomancer and the rest of the team resulting in the death of Rubick. Liquid quickly pushed down the tier-two tower.

EG, shakened by the fight started making simple mistakes allowing Liquid to demolish a few more towers. Despite having a bigger portion of the map, Liquid could not find the opening to push into a Phantom Lancer and Magnus. Liquid patiently waited for the second Roshan but they were stopped in their tracks by the Broodmother and the Magnus. Phantom Lancer came in at the end to do clean up but only managed to take down the Aegis.

Being 10,000 gold down, EG picked up their courage and pushed down mid lane after a 4-0 exchange. EG also destroyed the bottom melee rax. It was all or nothing now for Liquid as they marched down the mid lane, took down a couple of heroes, took down the barracks and went straight for the throne.

Schedule (CEST)

24th April - 10:00 - Mouz vs Alliance
24th April - 14:00 - Dignitas vs Na`Vi
25th April - 06:00 - Kaipi vs Fnatic
25th April - 10:00 - Kaipi vs Liquid
25th April - 14:00 - Mouz vs Dignitas
26th April - 10:00 - EG vs Fnatic
26th April - 14:00 - Alliance vs Na`Vi
27th April - 10:00 - Liquid vs Na`Vi
27th April - 14:00 - Dignitas vs EG
28th April - 10:00 - Liquid vs Dignitas/EG

28th April - 14:00 - Alliance vs Fnatic (Winner qualifies)
29th April - 14:00 - Liquid vs Alliance/Fnatic (Winner qualifies)

Check link for brackets, and tournament format