Gamefy announces Dota 2 Super League

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 28 April 2013 09:43


Gamefy and Perfect World have announced their next big project, the Dota 2 Super League which will be starting from May. The organizers will be inviting ten teams, Chinese and non-Chinese, to participate in the two-month long tournament

Together with the announcement of their Chinese servers yesterday is more details on the tournament Perfect World and Gamefy has been planning.

Gamefy announced on their website that the tournament will take the name of Dota 2 Super League in which ten teams, Chinese and non-Chinese, will compete in a two months long league. The league will be a Round Robin to a playoffs stage.

The tournament will run from May - no specific date given - till July and Gosugamers has received information that Chinese players were all gathered in Shanghai yesterday for the briefing.


Tournament format

1. Regular season: 2 groups. BO3 round robin group stage; First place auto qualifies, group 2nd and 3rd will play additional games (not sure about this part)

2. Playoffs: Mini double elimination bracket. Second placer of the groups will play each other to secure their spot in the semi-finals. A3 and B3 will also play one another and the winner of the third placer games, will have to play the loser of the second placer games. Example: G-1 League phase 3.

3. Semi finals: BO5 single elimination

4. Finals: BO5

5. Relegation match: 4th and 5th placer of the groupstage will play a BO1 double elimination bracket. The loser of this will be evaluated for participation in the next season.


As previously reported, the tournament will boast a one million RMB in cash prize and the following is the prize distribution. Note that all the teams participating will be receiving 20,000 RMB.


Dota 2 Super League Prizes
1st place   500,000 RMB (~$81,103)

2nd place

  200,000 RMB (~$32,441)
3rd place   100,000 RMB (~$16,220)
4th place   50,000 RMB (~$8,110)
Source: Gamefy