VP to replace EG in Dreamhack Invitational

Posted by Sovann "Skim" Kim at 13 March 2013 18:57
One day before the Dreamhack Invitational was about to kick off, EG has to be replaced. steps up to the task and will fight it out for the $6,000 prize pool.

North-American powerhouse Evil Genuises will not take part in the Dreamhack Invitational, presented by The GD Studio. James '2GD' Harding informed GosuGamers that Danish support player Maelk would not have been available during the whole tournament, thus the team withdrew their participation. has been named as a replacement. Fans have wondered why the Russians haven't been invited beforehand and will be pleased to hear that they can fight it out for the $6,000 prize pool after all. They will take EG's place in group A, together with QPAD Red Pandas, Team Liquid and Team Empire.

Schedules for groups A & B:

The tournament will begin tomorrow with facing off against Team Empire. The best-of-three will start at 21:00 CET and will be streamed and commented by The GD Studio.

If you missed the announcement of the Dreamhack Invitational, you can find the news here or watch the announcement video right here:

The winner of the Dreamhack Invitational will receive $2,500 in cash prize and also an invitation to Dreamhack Summer 2013 later in the year.

Dreamhack Invitational prizes
1st place
$2,500 +
Dreamhack slot

2nd place


Check link for brackets, VODs and full standings