LightOfHeaven: "I plan to play for the most interesting team"

Posted by Eric "reinnnn" Khor at 11 March 2013 16:27
Empire interviewed inactive Russian star, Dmitriy 'LightOfHeaven' Kupriyanov about the reason he went inactive and his future in competitive Dota 2.

Na'Vi's inactive off-lane solo, Dmitriy 'LightOfHeaven' Kupriyanov, recently went inactive with not much information given on why a player of such calibre would suddenly stop playing Dota.

Na'Vi replaced LoH with German player, Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi but the future of LoH remains a mystery as to where he will go after the period of inactiveness.

Team Empire caught up with LoH for an audio interview about his departure from Na'Vi and his future in competitive Dota.

The interview is in Russian and has been translated to English by Reddit user, Dekaor. The translation has been certified by native speakers in the Gosugamers crew. Credits to Dekaor for the translation.

Greetings to all readers of portal. In this show's section I will try to find out the most interesting bits about the life and careers of your favorite players. Today my guest is Dmitry Kuprianov better known in community as Light of Heaven or LOST. I hope he agrees to answer some of my questions. Good evening Dmitry!


Lets begin from the most important and interesting part. Your departure from the Navi team, you were the hard laner there. Could you please briefly describe the situation from your perspective?

I started to do more interesting things, in comparison to what we were doing in January and February.

Well you have managed to play together a lot with the former roster. You have also managed to win quite a few things and lose some things as well. Which tournament was the most memorable for you?

The second International.

Specifically the second?


Although not a lot of time has passed from the moment ZeroGravity decided to do some roster changes, could you tell us if you have received some offers from other teams?

Yes, I did. However it's a wartime secret.

You've mentioned that you have started to do more interesting things. Is it also a wartime secret?

-No, I just started to try out new things I have always wanted in the evenings.

Could you provide an example?

College classes, different kind of entertainment available in the evenings, and socializing. Meeting new interesting people and finding out things that interest me.

You have mentioned that you planned to go inactive. Is that correct?


It is safe to assume that you eventually plan to return to Dota?

When the game will be worth the candles. (Russian phrase that means "When the investment will be worth it)

Does this mean that upon your return to esports, you plan to play for Navi?

I plan to play for the most interesting team, which I am the most comfortable with. It could potentially be any team.

Ok. What are your thoughts on the current Navi roster?

They have an international roster with captain Clement and 4 very gifted players, who plan to dominate the scene so far just with their individual skills.

Do you think they will succeed?

Time will show.

Recently there was a new video released called Empire Rises. Have you seen it?

Yes. It was an amazingly well made video, my respect to whomever created it.

What are your thoughts on that situation in general?

I think that before the International they should try out as many new players as they possibly can; and then pick the best one. So far most of the CIS teams recruit players based on their stardom status. If the player is famous and has some previous accomplishments, then he would be picked up. However an organization like Virtus Pro broke that trend. They picked up 2 newer players, who were just starting out, and they are showing better results than most among the CIS teams. There is growth and development there. Most other teams utilize big names for their previous accomplishments.

Ok, so now we finally approached a new topic. Could you give a brief overview of the CIS scene? There are newer teams such as RoxKis. There are older teams like Virtus Pro and Empire, who appear to be looking for their 5th player or potentially have found him already. There is a team with Dread on it, I'm talking about 3DClan. What do you think about the prospects of each one of those teams?

Well Navi has amazing potential, however it needs some major development in order to make all those talented players compatible, so they would work as a single unit. It would require some serious effort. Empire are a very stable team, which uses time proven strategies resulting in an even performance. Nevertheless it would be nice to see something new, something that would surprise and bring extra action. Virtus Pro deserves nothing but my utmost respect, in just 6 months time they have managed to make a big jump in power rankings. They have an unusual and very exciting playstyle, I would even say mesmerizing. Unlike the previous 2 teams, they are progressing. Navi has actually degraded in the last year, while Empire remained mostly at the same level, while Virtus Pro have grown as a team. The results of The Defense 3 prove that. As far as 3DClan and other teams...

I mentioned RoxKis.

Yeah, those teams. They are looking for instant gratification and results. They pick up players and play for 2-3 weeks, if it doesn't work out, they look for new players. That cycle never ends. CIS Dota, business as usual.

So in your opinion that is not a way to achieve success?

Well they could be successful, as long as they have fun, get enjoyment out of it and have positive emotions about the whole thing. However if they feel negative emotions on the team, then they would break up sooner or later.

Understood. You stopped playing Dota, however practice shows, that people that invested so much time in esports, don't just leave the scene outright. Do you play or plan to play any other videogames?

Do I play anything else? Well yes, I do. As far as my plans, I hope to play where the "game is worth the candles," where it would be the most interesting. Right now in Europe because of our previous achievements in January and February, there is really nothing to do in the next two months. That is one of the reasons why I have left. The second reason is that we have halted our development. The push to improve would probably come after the International, when people would realize that we need to evolve further like China does. Then we will get new tournaments, have a bigger community, bigger prizepools and money overall, more interesting opponents. Then it would move on from that point.

Mhm. Well if you play something else, do you plan to stream whatever you are doing? You have a very recognizable name, and a lot of people would love to watch whatever you are playing.

If I try out HoTS (Heart of the Swarm) and would achieve some good results, then I could probably stream Starcraft 2 HoTS.

Ah, so that's what it was.

If I ever shoot, then I must hit the target. (That means he wants to do things for sure with guaranteed success). So it would be an interesting and educational experience.

I see. So, it's Starcraft 2 so far, right?

Well that's just one of the options. Although the current results of IEM tell us a different story. There are a lot of things in SC2 that still need to be balanced.

Well, thanks a lot for the interview. I wish you the best luck in achieving all of the goals you have set of yourself. Hope to heat from you soon.

All the best for you too.