GEST Dota 2 to continue

Posted by Loh Zhun Yew "Cookies326" at 12 February 2013 08:00

After a successful run of the GEST Dota 2 last year, DotaTalk is proud to announce the tournament's return. The event will be participated by teams who advance through various qualifiers.

The Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament (GEST), one of the biggest SEA tournaments, is having its continuation from last year's dry run. The tournament will have 8 different qualifiers, 7 of which are only open for SEA countries.

This year's GEST will be merged with the Gigabyte Mineski Professional Gaming League (GMPGL), on which the format for the tournament will be adapted from.

Gigabyte Mineski Professional Gaming League Qualifiers

The amount of slots allocated for every qualifier will depend on the amount of teams that register, which can be either on the 32-team or 64-team category. If there are 32 teams that participate in the qualifier, only 1 team will advance to the main event to represent their region. If there are 64 teams that participate though, it is possible that the top 2 teams will advance to the main event. This is still, however, up to the discretion of the organizers.

In all SEA qualifiers, teams who made it into the top few places will be granted a portion of the prize pool. However, the 'Non-SEA' qualifier will have no prize pool.

National Qualifiers
Singapore Singapore18-19 February
Thailand Thailand20-21 February
Malaysia Malaysia23-24 February
Indonesia Indonesia25-26 February
Vietnam Vietnam27-28 February
Rest of SEA1-2 March
Non-SEA3-4 March

The Philippine qualifiers was held by Mineski Event Teams last weekend, and was won by MSIEvoGT TnC. The 2nd to 4th place finishers - Mineski, MILP Squids and Team Goss - will also qualify as well. For more info, head over to Mineski's Official website.

Points Structure for GMPGL

Only the top 8 teams of the main event will be awarded points, with the first place receiving 25 points. At the end of every month, the points would be added up with the previous month. The top 3 teams at the end of the season will obtain a certain amount of cash prize.

Point Structure of GMPGL
First place25
Second place18
Third Place15
Fourth Place12
Fifth Place10
Sixth Place8
Seventh Place6
Eighth Place4

For more information, head over to DotaTalk

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