TobiWan: "I was casting for fun and experience, not for the bragging rights."

Posted by Sovann "Skim" Kim at 01 February 2013 09:17
Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson joins GosuGamers for an interview in which he talks about his Vlogs, BeyondTheSummit and the effects on joinDota of's fall.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:


joinDOTA is considered a streaming site mostly rather than a news site. Do you think the rise of BTS and other streamers may threaten joinDOTA's revenue stream?

joinDOTA was originally designed as a streaming site, in fact it was the only thing on the original website. joinDOTA has evolved since that point and we are not only looking to accommodate more joinDOTA casters, but also promote non jD streamers.
The revenue of joinDOTA is also a little more diverse than just livestreams, considering we do news, tournaments, websites, and more as the company that hosts joinDOTA and other projects.


Considering that most of the prizepool for The Defense is actually coming from own3d, you tweeted that the prizepool for The Defense 3 is secured. Does that mean own3d will still honour their sponsorship even after shutting down?

Like everything at joinDOTA we are supported by the company of Freaks4U. So, no matter what happens we always make sure we can deliver on our promises of the tournaments.
As far as where the prize pool comes from that is something we will not comment on, we can just ensure that it will be paid like every tournament we ran.


Considering this plan is more team-heavy, do you think you may lose some viewers for some of the more unexciting games?

If you are always wanting to have THE BEST game being streamed, then you should give up running tournaments and just steal from all the others.
I remember an old friend of mine, who once said filler episodes are there to make you care when you get to the plot critical episodes. For me it is the same with matches which are not the #1 showcase.