Vici Gaming revives YaphetS

Posted by Loh Zhun Yew "Cookies326" at 28 January 2013 16:10

Vici Gaming is a team known to the Dota 2 scene with their recent dark horse performance in G-League. Although they lost, the fresh blood has shown a lot of potential and proves to be a threat to the scene. Recently, they just picked up a familiar face, PIS. Vici Gaming marked its debut in the Dota professional scene in the recent G-League tournament. Labelled nothing more than pub-stars, they gave an amazing fight and they gained a lot of fans within the Dota 2 scene. With that said, the organization still found room for improvement. They therefore picked up a new team who recently won the 17173 Dota tournament, Greedy. Although the team is not known, the captain is a player known to many - PIS-YaphetS. YaphetS will be leading his new team alongside with talented junior, Maybe, former NA member, xiaotuji, top ladder player, nL_Ks and finishing the roster with Captain Give me ball. Though this team will be playing WC3 Dota 1, it is stated that there are plans to expand to Dota 2 in the near future due to the uprising of Dota 2 tournaments in China. Currently there are 2 VG teams. VG.Dota2 Roster: China VG.Fenrin (Captain) China VG.Cty China VG.Xtt China VG.Sydm China VG.Fy VG.Dota Preparation/Backup Team China VG.PIS-YaphetS China VG.Maybe China VG.xiaotuji China VG.nL_KS China VG.CaptainGiveMeBall Source: SGamer Links SGamer - Original Chinese news.