Gamer University acquires NA Dota 2 squad

Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 04 January 2013 13:52
Gamer University announced the acquisition of another Dota 2 squad, this time showing forth a North-American team.

The team will be lead by former Kingsurf.LGD player Sean “TeKniqZ” Mascarenhas.

Statement Brandon “FireFlash” Ferris , GU Owner/Founder:

"Everyone here at Gamer University is extremely excited to take another major step into the Dota world. We feel that Dota 2 is only going to grow larger as a staple game within the eSports scene and we intend on being on the forefront as one of the top tier teams around the game... We are extremely excited to bring to you Gamer University North America which will play under the tag GU | Player Name.NA"

Statement Sean “TekniqZ” Mascarenhas, Team Captain:

"I am extremely excited to play with these guys and represent GU, All in all this looks to be the beginning of something great. I wanna thank GU for there generous sponsorship once again and will train extremely hard to give the best results possible"

GU.NA Roster:
New Zealand Sean “TeKniqZ” Mascarenhas (Captain)
United States Luis “Zyzz” Perez
United States Thomas “Gankster” Johnson
United States Sean “Dfekt” Asquith
United States Austin “The Capitalist” Walsh
Source: Gamer University