DK.BurNing: 'I would retire after TI3'

Posted by Loh Zhun Yew "Cookies326" at 26 October 2012 18:28
As one of the most respected carries in the Dota scene, SGamer took a look at BurNing and ask him about the new roster and the recent WCG 2012 opening match that just happened.

The WCG 2012 Dota (WarCraft 3 version) China competition started the playoff with an interesting and amazing match between DK and iG. Surprisingly, DK managed to defeat iG. After the match, SGamer sat down with the captain and main carry of DK, Burning, to have an interview with him. Burning explains he never thought they could beat iG, and would retire after TI3.

In addition, DK's manager Farseer also mentioned here that the team will focus entirely on Dota 2 after WCG, which would mean they would not attend SMM either.

Sgamer: A very much thanks to DK.BurNing to accept our interview request, DK just received a roster change, and managed to defeat China iG in the opening match of WCG. Can the B god(Burning) have a talk regarding the match that has just finished and the current state of DK?

DK.BurNing: Recently, we didn't play much Dota, our team has just went through a revamp, we still need to take time to adjust. We originally thought the competition would be hard, we never thought we could beat iG.

To what consideration that made you guys put China Dai and China 357 to join DK?

These were the considerations that we made after TI2, there were a lot of choices for us to choose. In the end, we decided to choose Dai and 357, because we feel that we have synergy and chemistry among one another, this atmosphere/line-up would benefit us compare to the current.

What are the difference between Dota and Dota 2? Are they harder?

There are some major differences that affect the gameplay among one another. For instance, 1. When storing a rune in a bottle, you can just right click on the rune. The keys for Dota 2 are different as well, you can immediately change the hotkeys to suit you. There was a time when 357 who uses QWER to play, and then we were practicing then, 357's Tidehunter wanted to eat a tree and his items key in Dota 2 was V and so he wanted to eat a tree and he pressed on V, he was also a big factor at that time, it felt really awkward, he felt bad as well.

Wow……. how did that even happen?

Well, 357 didn't play Dota for 2 years already, his MMR rating(For the DotA 1 platform they play on, that is famous in China) isn't even 1500!

So what hopes do you guys have for this WCG?

I hope we would get champion for every tournament, especially this tournament!

In TI2, DK's performance was not that outstanding. For the next The International(TI3), what hopes do you guys have? What will happen to the B God's Career?

For TI3, we would definitely play to our very best and fight to the death! For my career, I would retire after it.

You have been ranked as the world's best carry along with other 3, what are the other carries specialty? And who can compare with you?

I loved both China Zhou and China Sylar, but Sylar lacks some experiences and Zhou doesn't practice as much in dota 1, so he is not in a good form.

A very much thanks to Burning for accepting our interview, we wish you guys best of luck to achieve good results!

Thank you!

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For the full Chinese interview, head over to SGamer.

Source: SGamer

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