For.Love shifts focus to Dota 2: 'We seek higher goals'

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand at 18 September 2012 20:00

More Asian presence in Dota 2 as the Chinese side For Love shifts focus to Dota 2. This year's G-League bronze medalists seek higher and further goals, says the For love manager Liu "Kaka" Pei to

For Love skipper Huang “coldsnap” Hanci's can look back at a successful DotA 1 period with achievements such as two G-League third place finishes and a top eight in recent ACE DotA League. Today it was revealed that the sixth best ranked Chinese team will switching focus over to Dota 2.

- "Our players get along very well because of friendship and love to form our clan. Now, we are seeking higher and further goals. Thus, we decided to switch to Dota 2, and I believe this action will become a good start for us. In the name of Love, we will let the whole world know us," said Liu “Kaka” Pei, For Love manager.

For.Love roster
China 'coldsnap' Huang Hanci (Captain)
China '8gk' Zhang Haohao
China 'you' Yang Houyi
China 'CZ' Chen Zhuo
China 'Guai' Tang Jianpeng