Zhou: "We knew Luna would not be banned"

Posted by Mukul "zicomo" Shinde at 17 September 2012 19:19
They just added two major titles to their names and inarguable sit on the combined throne of both DotA and Dota2 these days: Invictus Gaming. It's Gosu extensively talked all things TI2 with their hard carry player Chen 'Zhou' Yao.

Chen 'Zhou' Yao on the strength of a Luna pick:
"We are very confident about Luna, we have our own way to play this hero. Luna is a very oppressive gank hero in early game and a strong carry in later game, also very powerful in the wild battlefield. We never saw other teams pick Luna in competition and scrims, so we knew Luna would not be banned."

A bit later he comes back to this topic again and explains why he believes Luna is a special hero:
"That’s just one of our several strategies, and we never lost while we picked Luna, in all the competitions and trainings, so we trust Luna very much. Although we lost the match, we won’t ascribe all factors to one hero."

And regarding what to do with his slice of the big TI2 prizemoney cake:
"Store in the bank, give to mum, maybe do some investments if there is opportunity."

You can find the full interview with lots of more questions about his teams progress in Seattle over at It's Gosu.

Source: It's Gosu