The International Day 1 & 2 Top 10 Plays!

Posted by Mukul "zicomo" Shinde at 16 September 2012 11:42
The International was concluded on the 2nd of September 2012 with IG emerging as the winners against Na'Vi in the grand finals. These Top 10 plays videos from Day 1 and Day 2 have been published to cherish and relive the epic moments from the International.

Those who could not keep track of all the matches from the International can have a look at the videos below. In addition to the epic plays, the Top 10 also consists of interesting and very unique stats provided by "Statman" Bruno during the International.
Also at the end of the Top 10 you get to witness the most epic piece of gameplay from Day 1 and 2 which is referred to as "The Play ".

Youtube - Top 10 Day 1 International
Youtube - Top 10 Day 2 International