GEST Embraces DotA 2

Posted by Kshitij "KrocK" Kothari at 13 September 2012 17:42
The much acclaimed Gigabyte E-Sports Tournament series has added a DotA 2 based tournament, worthy a prize pool of $1500, to its arsenal.

The tournament would see the top sixteen teams from Asia battle it out for a prize pool of $1500. Out of the 16 slots, 10 slots are reserved for the invited teams and 6 slots will be filled in with the victors emerging from the respective qualifiers.

The ten teams that have been invited are as follows:
  1. Singapore Team Zenith
  2. Malaysia Orange.Esports
  3. Malaysia Team MUFC
  4. Thailand Mith.Trust
  5. Philippines Mineski.HyperX
  6. Philippines Duskbin
  7. Australia N9
  8. Singapore Armageddon
  9. Philippines iZone
  10. Thailand iDeal.Gigabyte

The Qualifiers have been split into the following segments :

Rising Star Qualifier

This qualifier would consist of five upcoming semi-pro teams that have been invited and the winner would get a guaranteed spot in the Main event.
The invited teams for this qualifier are yet to be announced.
The winner would claim a slot at the main event.

Regional Qualifiers

A total of five regional qualifiers will be held for Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia respectively. Each qualifier will have a maximum of 32 teams that will compete in a Single-Elimination style tournament to fight for a spot in the Main event. The champion of each qualifier will go through to face the invitees.

The Main event will be Group Staged and follow a Single Elimination format.
For more Details, follow the link below.

Dota Talk - Official Announcement