Post-International Lineup Changes Summary

Posted by Christoph "malnor" Helbig at 13 September 2012 22:13

Before The International 2012, no participating team wanted to change its lineup, because Valve requested a stable lineup without standins. As The International is over, the avalanche of teams completely flipping their roster is starting again.

A loss of motivation for single players, a dispute between team members about the performance in Seattle or disagreement with the management concerning the future. The reasons for lineup changes after the biggest tournament of the year are manifold.

Some teams hide their decisions more or less well, some teams spoil parts already and some make it public as soon as possible to prevent rumors. And some of The International teams have made the tournament such a success that changes might not be necessary at all for now. The policy of the teams concerning public statements can be completely different.

Language barriers certainly help as well to spread or contain rumor spreading. Here is a shortlist of the status of all 16 International teams. For a detailed view on the confirmed, hinted and hidden lineup changes, have a look into the detailed overview.

Team categories concerning lineup changes
New roster announcedChanges hinted
Ukraine Darer
Australia aL / N9
China TongFu
Singapore Zenith
United States coL
United States EG
Sweden CLG
Germany mouz
Europe mTw
Russia Moscow 5
No information about changesFormed with TI2012 players
China iG
Ukraine Na'Vi
China LGD
China DK
Malaysia Orange
Russia Empire

What do you think will happen to the cornerstones of the top players? What about syndereN's team? How is Loda going to continue? What about KuroKy? Where is ArtStyle going to continue playing? Who is Vigoss playing with in the future?