GosuLeague Division 3: one more chance to qualify

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 13 September 2012 00:38

Since two teams got promoted to division 2 last week, there are two open positions in division 3 now. What better way to solve that than running an additional qualifier this Sunday?

Last weekend, GosuGamers hosted a qualifier where all the 32 teams of division 3 could participate until only two of them remained. These teams where none other than the dual-Danish squads of monkeybusiness and GamerUniversity. This Sunday it is time to replace them in division 3. Once again 32 teams will play until only two are still standing.

Server is Europe and registration is open for everyone, starting Friday. Before that you can head over to play.gosugamers and get your team page in order. When you register your team, you need five players to accept the registration, so it is important to have the team around at that time. First come, first serve.

The qualifier starts 16 September at 16:00 CEST. Check-in starts two hours earlier, at 14:00 CEST. And registration opens Friday 16:00 CEST. You will be able to register here.

GosuGamers - Qualifier page