Pagibig.TnC dominates GPPC Dota 2 Yet Again

Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 10 September 2012 18:46
The 4th leg of the Gigabyte Pacific Pro Circuit (GPPC) Dota 2 Tournament had seen an influx of Filipino teams try to compete for the top prize. However, when the fights have been fought and the matches have been won, there is not much different on the scene depicting the last team standing.

ninjaboogie, Cast, Vash, Vonjour, Fox

Pagibig.TnC ravaged across 149 other teams on the 2-day online tournament and bagged the GPPC Dota 2 crown for the fourth time in a row.

The Gigabyte sponsored event was held last September 8-9, 2012. It was an open and free-for-all competition, and thus distinguished top players and recognized teams have been showing up in an effort to win a part of the Php 15,000 prize pool. More importantly, however, is the prestige to be etched on the record books as podium finisher on one of the rare monthly Dota 2 tournaments on the Philippines. Truly, winning a 150-team Single-Elimination tournament is no easy task,but as veterans would have said, "anything is possible on Best-of-1 matches".

The teams were spread through 4 sets, wherein the last 2 teams standing per set would advance onto the second play date. Advancing from Set 1 are Team F and JG, Set 2 was represented by Pagibig.TnC and Team Phantom, Set 3 had BASCAR and luhh, and Set 4 was won by Cc and Yosh+4.

There was no shortage of known local WC3 DotA players on the Playoffs, but the end was again ultimately won by the rather All-Star cast of Pagibig.TnC. The originally strong team arguably got even stronger with stand-in Michael Ross, the captain of DuskBin. Their worthy foe, JG, wasn't lacking on individual skills themselves - with a mixed-up team of iZone's Joven and Ewe, Pacific.Palit's Ace and 2 others. However, the final match was lopsided, and Pagibig.TnC showed that they are still at least a step ahead against other local teams. Yosh+4, meanwhile, took the 3rd place by beating Team Phantom.

While being called back-to-back-to-back-to-back Champion is a feat, a bigger one would be the fact this Champion team have been undefeated on all 4 of the legs of the GPPC Dota 2 Tournament.

GPPC Dota 2 Top 3
1st place : Philippines PagIbig.TnC
2nd place : Philippines JG
3rd place : Philippines Yosh+4

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