FLUFFNSTUFF: "If there was a guy who I thought was IceFrog, I think I've found him."

Posted by Mihailo "phourier" Milijanovic at 09 September 2012 20:53
Just after Complexity gaming's elimination from The International Brian 'FLUFFNSTUFF' Lee, captain of the team, gives his opinion on the biggest tournament of the year, the team's plans for the future, search for IceFrog etc.


NOTE: This interview was done before the Grand Finals were played.

Seattle, Valve. How was it? From a lot of the teams and players that I've spoken to, they all pretty much say the same thing, that Valve has been treating them amazingly well this entire time.

My experience with Valve has been really amazing. They treat all the players like rock stars. We get to go into their office and steal all of their food. They have really nice catering and they take care of us with assistants, basically Valve staffers or volunteers who follow each team around to make sure we get to where we have to be on time, setup our gear, basically help us out, etc.

I think that just Valve in general, the employees seem to really love DotA. They really enjoy it and they're all big fans of the players and the teams. They all seem to want to see DotA 2 grow as an eSport. Even Gabe Newell, he plays a lot of DotA 2 and really wants it to succeed.

With the top teams now separated at this point in the tournament, what teams do you think could win it all?

I really believe in Na'Vi. I think that Puppey sort of had a realization throughout this tournament, especially on his way towards the winner bracket final. I think he realized that in order to win this tournament, he had to overcome so called imbalanced heroes, had to think outside the box and overcome the meta game, which is something that a team hoping to win a tournament like the International would need to develop during the tournament. A skill like that is not something that you can prepare for, it's something that is really special to watch and Puppey is one of the gifted captains who have that ability.

What's next for complexity after this event?

We're going to kind of take a small break, since we're home sick and we've been out for months basically. We do have ESWC against Potm Bottom really soon after we arrive back. So we're just going to see where we go from there. We definitely need to think about some things and just relax because it's been a really intense experience being here.

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