What Toppled the Titans?

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 08 September 2012 21:29


David "Saguine" Horscroft of GosuGamers' strategy team, takes a detailed look into the second and third game betwen LGD and Na`Vi in the winners bracket final. LGD went into this match with the impressive record of 18-0, and if that is not enough, they also won the first game in this match. But then something happened.

- "In this analysis, I will take a look at the four moments I believe were instrumental in securing Na'Vi their victory and giving LGD their first taste of defeat. Before the first of these, LGD was in control, doing well to restrict the pushing power of the Lycanthrope while remaining notably ahead on the kill board. All of this seemed to disintegrate in a rapid fashion following the 23 minute mark, eventually cumulating with LGD's surrender by 45 minutes.."