Heroes of the International

Posted by Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf at 09 September 2012 18:24

qop-naga.jpgThe International is over for now. But the question remains; what will come after it, what are the consequences of the meta game? Taking a look at these hero statistics, one can hopefully track down some patterns.

All games from the preliminaries as well as the playoffs are counted for. During the group stage a lot of people noted that teams played rather safe in terms of creativity and ideas. Lots of Morphlings, lots of Invokers, lots of Leshracs and lots of Venomancers. That did not really change throughout the playoff stage, but some other heroes were given some space, such as Templar Assassin and Naga Siren (for better or for worse). The "pure support" heroes seemed to be out of phase. If you are going to play a support, you better play a support that can push or is versatile with a big impact in clashes.

You do know that you can head over to to see the picks and bans from each and every game? Head over to the full standings of Group A , Group B and Playoffs to see which team picked which hero!

Carry heroes (picked >15)
#HeroWinsLosses Win rate+/-
1templar assassin Templar Assassin14767%+7
2anti mage Anti-Mage191359%+6
3lycanthrope Lycanthrope10759%+3
4morphling Morphling453358%+12
5chaos knight Chaos Knight 191753%+2
6lone druid Lone Druid293148%-2
7naga Naga Siren71237%-5
Carry heroes (picked 5<15)
#HeroWinsLosses Win rate+/-
1clinkz Clinkz4267%+2
2tiny Tiny8657%+2
3luna Luna4450%0
4dragon knight Dragon Knight4544%-1
5juggernaut Juggernaut 2433%-2

The carry to remember from this event is of course Templar Assassin who has the highest winrate among the frequent carries. It is however worth mentioning that this hero was a hero heavily favoured by the winning team and they had 5-1 with her. The other hero that everyone will remember is naturally Morphling who was seen literally everywhere. His winrate took a blow during the last day though. The two other carries of the Big Three (Anti-mage, Lone Druid) were more successful on that day, even if Morphling outshadowed them earlier. Naga Siren did not pay off at all, whether it was due to teams overestimating her or not using her correctly. Even top teams such as LGD, iG and Na`Vi lost with her.

Solo heroes (picked >15)
#HeroWinsLosses Win rate+/-
1dark seer Dark Seer241562%+9
2bounty hunter Bounty Hunter181260%+6
3beastmaster Beastmaster181751%+1
4storm spirit Storm Spirit121250%0
5windrunner Windrunner222349%-1
6invoker Invoker394148%-2
7queen of pain Queen of Pain172540%-8
8tinker Tinker81535%-7
9broodmother Broodmother101934%-9

This category feature both side and mid lane solos, since some of the heroes can be seen in both lanes (maybe not Dark Seer). Not a very good tournament for the conventional solo heroes, especially not the mid ones. Dark Seer proved he's a useful hero with a good win rate, a reliable side-solo hero. Besides him Bounty Hunter turned out to be quite a successful in the games he was picked, also being a side-lane solo. The previously feared Tinker hadn't been as viable, perhaps due to the Shotgun Morph meta game. There have also been some heroes played as solos, like Templar Assassin, Lone Druid and Morphling.

Utility heroes (picked >15)
#HeroWinsLosses Win rate+/-
1rubick Rubick503063%+20
2leshrac Leshrac494254%+7
3tidehunter Tidehunter403752%+3
4brewmaster Brewmaster171652%+1
5sandking Sand King232746%-4
6natures prophet Natures Prophet253045%-5
7enigma Enigma202544%-5
8night stalker Night Stalker71041%-3

Utility is a tricky category, mostly we've put heroes in this category that have a lot of laning options and go for utility items such as Mek, Force Staff, Pipe, Drum and similiar. Today, this category won't be as refined, it will feature most heroes who did not fit in that well under different categories. Also some heroes considered gankers or semi-carries are here such as Night Stalker and Brewmaster. Other heroes are listed here who are rather versatile in laning, like Leshrac, Tide or Rubick. Rubick's stats show why some call him overpowered. He's a clasher, a support or a very strong solo mid hero. And the best part is that you can always let the opponents have some of the good heroes if you have Rubick. That way you're atleast going to get some of their spells.

Support heroes (picked >15)
#HeroWinsLosses Win rate+/-
1crystal maiden Crystal Maiden10663%+4
2shadow shaman Shadow Shaman262155%+5
3venomancer Venomancer424250%0
4chen Chen313547%-4
5enchantress Enchantress232745%-4
6shadow demon Shadow Demon102132%-11
Support heroes (picked 5<15)
#HeroWinsLosses Win rate+/-
1earthshaker Earthshaker5363%+2
2wisp Wisp8657%+2
3kotl Keeper of the Light7654%+1
4ancient apparition Ancient Apparition5645%-1
5lina Lina 5742%-2
6disruptor Disruptor 3538%-2
7vengeful spirit Vengeful Spirit4736%-3
6lich Lich 2625%-4

The support of supports; Crystal Maiden is actually the most successful one, although she has a lot fewer games than Venomancer and Shadow Shaman. The Shaman is the support that came out alive after this tournament and we might see more of him in the current meta game. All the successful and commonly picked support heroes have something to add to a pushing line-up. Teams also favour utility heroes in support roles, such as Rubick, Leshrac and Tide rather than the more conventional heroes such as Lich and Vengeful Spirit. Shadow Demon is the big "loser" of this event. What happened to this hero, he used to be so strong? Important fact to consider is that Chinese teams (top contenders) did not pick him up that much. He's also somewhat of a counter to Anti-Mage, a hero that was not peaking in amount of games picked.

Most picked heroes
#HeroPickedWin rate+/-
1leshrac Leshrac9154%+7
2venomancer Venomancer8450%0
3invoker Invoker8148%-2
4rubick Rubick8063%+20
5morphling Morphling7858%+12
6tidehunter Tidehunter7752%+3
Most banned heroes
#HeroBannedWin rate+/-
1lycanthrope Lycanthrope13459%+3
2naga Naga Siren13337%-5
3dark seer Dark Seer11662%+9
4natures prophet Natures Prophet9045%-5
5chen Chen8447%-4
6broodmother Broodmother7934%-9

Leshrac has been popular for quite some time now, mostly due to his ability to push, defend and deal damage. He can also been laned in various ways. After that it's the go-to support of the tournament; Venomancer. Most support players have a high count with this hero. Invoker is picked up a lot, due to his versatility and him working in numerous strategies. The big question is why Rubick with his 63% win rate and +20 games is not in the top 6 ban list? He is actually located just outside it with 72 bans but he should probably have been higher. Naga Siren is the big disappointment. She has put an immense fear into most team's mind and has been banned 133 times, just one below Lycan. But when she was picked she was not the force people believed her to be. This might show a lack of creativity in the Dota2-scene, where teams ban certain heroes instead of thinking of ways to deal with them. Same goes for Natures Prophet and especially Broodmother.

Heroes most first-picked
1rubick Rubick2517%
2dark seer Dark Seer2416%
3natures prophet Natures Prophet2215%
Heroes most second-picked
1leshrac Leshrac4429%
2invoker Invoker3624%
3rubick Rubick3423%
Common second-pick duo
1morphling invoker Morphling & Invoker85,3%
2invoker lone druid Invoker & Lone Druid74,6%
3rubick morphling Rubick & Morph64,0%

TL;DR version - Rubick is overpowered. Broodmother has too many legs.

Thanks to our buddies at Dota Academy for providing the pick and ban statistics for The International.

Source: Dota Academy, GosuGamers' draft database
More information: The International 2012 coverage