Gathering the heads of eSports

Posted by Ren "Ren" Vitug at 07 September 2012 16:34
Mark your calendar. September 21 would surely be a monumental date for Electronic Sports, as DreamHack and Twitch brings together the most distinguished Video Game Industry luminaries for the first ever eSports Congress which will be held in Valencia, Spain.

During the last couple of years we have witnessed how eSports have blossomed into a new industry, how the audiences have reached the millions globally and how the gamers have become superstars.

That statement, directly lifted from the event's Official Site, is such beautiful music to our ears. And true enough, the event cannot be any more timely. We have seen the continual growth and progression of Electronic Sports, always reaching and breaking new heights on Viewer Records and the Game's prominence on the mainstream. The forum will will ultimately discuss the Present and Future of eSports, and how everyone can be of help for this cause.

The event will be hosted by one of the pioneer of E-Sports' professional commentating, Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner. Some of the industry representatives include:

• Alex Garfield – Team EG
• Alex Lim – IeSF
• Alexander Kokhanovskyy – Na’Vi
• David Ting – IPL
• Göran Hellgren – Telia Sonera
• Ilja Rotelli – Blizzard
• Kevin Lin – Twitch
• Matthieu Dallon – ESWC
• Michael O’Dell – Team Dignitas
• Ralf Reichert – ESL
• Robert Ohlén – DreamHack
• Russell Pfister – NASL
• Sam Matthews – Fnatic
• Simon Whitcombe – CBS Interactive
• Sundance DiGiovanni – Major League Gaming
• Tomas Hermansson – DreamHack
• Zvetan Dragulev – Own3d.TV

Venue for Valencia ESports Congress - Feria Valencia

The event, as big as it already is, is still encouraging team managers, event organizers and editors alike to apply and participate in the event. They are also opening the event for Spectators, though there will be limited tickets available (which is just primarily because of the venue constraint). The event will also be streamed in HD via Twitch.

To give you a better overview of what will be happening, a hint of what will be happening on that day may be seen on the Schedule:
1000 - eSports, From Videogamers to Entertainment Professionals
1030 - eSports as a Global Phenomenon.
1200 - eSports and Marketing
1500 - Game Developers and eSports
1700 - eSports and Media
1900 - Building Bridges - How Promoters Can Help each other By gathering the Audiences

eSports has arrived as a major force in the video game and entertainment industries. There is a need for the entire eSports ecosystem to get together to discuss a host of pressing issues on the business side of the equation including advertising, infrastructure, competitive standards, video content and delivery and more. We’re proud to be a part of it. - Kevin Lin, Twitch COO

With this event, we cannot help but look forward. If we are expecting bigger things to come on eSports, it is very necessary that everyone starts on the right foot. Hopefully, this forum will be the event to put everyone on the same direction.

Valencia ESports Congress - Official Site
Dreamhack - News Release